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Here’s Why Every Man Needs Beard Oil In Their Life

Let’s face it: it’s still near-impossible to tell just about anyone you actually own a bottle of beard oil without them assuming you’re one of those types. A Lumber Sexual type.

Moustache wax gets a similarly bad rap, despite the fact that both of these two products are absolutely key in keeping your beloved facial hair in check (and more importantly, healthy) should you decide to have a proper crack at growing a beard.

Because let’s be real for a second, there’s nothing wanky about growing a beard, and there sure as shit isn’t anything wanky about wanting to be comfortable while growing said beard.

The hair on your jawline is as important as the hair on the top of your head, so you may as well treat it with a little more respect. Here’s how.

What Is Beard Oil Anyway


They basically act as a kind of aftershave without the shave part

If you’ve ever been to an old-school barber or a new-age men’s grooming store, you’ve probably seen beard oil in those medicinal-looking bottles that they tend to come in.

Beard Oil essentially acts as a leave-in conditioner for your beard, moustache and the skin underneath your facial hair as well. It’s generally made up of natural oils that have long been used for moisturising and conditioning purposes, most commonly Jojoba, Almond, Castor and Argan Oil.

It’s then generally scented with natural essences, basically acting as a kind of aftershave without the shave part.

Why Should I Start Using It


The benefits of beard oil are endless

The benefits of beard oil to someone growing a beard, maintaining a beard or even just a healthy layer of stubble are endless.

Beards are thinner and wispier than normal hair, making them much more prone to dryness and damage from day-to-day exposure to the elements. Beard oil helps to nourish your beard in the same way conditioner does to your hair, helping to keep it not only feeling nicer, but looking more full, healthy and luscious. Yeah. I used the word luscious.

Your scalp is much hardier than the skin around your face, and as anyone who’s tried to grow a beard will passionately tell you, it gets bloody irritating after a while.

Beards and moustaches tend to suck the moisture out of your face like nothing else, and once you go past a certain length, no amount of moisturiser will help the inevitable itch that every avid beardsman must endure.

Beard oil can help this, not only softening the hairs meeting your face, but leaving a moisturising layer of oil on the skin below to soothe it.

Beard oil also generally smells fucking awesome, making it a great, subtle alternative to cologne if you don’t want to get Eau de Parfum all up in your whiskers.

Key Beard Oil Questions


Bearded queries aren’t that confusing

How do I use beard oil?

The beauty of beard oil is in its simplicity. After giving your beard a good wash (you can use face wash or shampoo, but more gentle beard wash is available), simply rub 4 or 5 drops of the oil through your beard with your fingertips, combing after to ensure even application. Voila.

Will Beard Oil Make My Beard Grow Faster?

Sorry, no. Beard oil will make the hair that does grow on your face much healthier, but the speed at which your beard grows is pretty much down to your genetics alone.

What’s this Beard Balm Stuff I Keep Seeing?

Beard Balm is essentially beard oil if it were turned into a moisturiser. Instead of coming oil through your beard, beard balm takes a more classic, moisturiser-like approach to things, allowing you to work it into your beard hair and surrounding skin.

Beard balm also sometimes has a slightly firmer hold than normal beard oil, which makes it great for those looking to control longer, unruly beards or short, scraggly beards that have more flyaways.

Beard Oil Brands to Take a Look At

Here’s a bit of divine intervention from a bearded bloke. And no, not Jesus.

Captain Fawcett


Ricki Hall’s Booze & Baccy

Recommended Scent: Ricki Hall’s Booze & Baccy

Captain Fawcett are about as OG as it gets when it comes to beard and moustache care. You pay a little extra for the Captain’s Name, but he makes a product almost unlike any other.

As such, Fawcett have collaborated with some of the most famous Beards in the business, including the aforementioned Ricki Hall and Jimmy Niggles.




Four Vices

Recommended Scent: Four Vices (tobacco, coffee, hops and cannabis)

Beardbrand really are the world leaders in beard care these days, and while they’re a little harder to find down under, their range is unrivalled, stretching from beard oils and balms to beard wash, beard softener, grooming kits, solid cologne and just about everything else.


Weirdy Beardy


Weirdy Beardy

Recommended Scent: Woodpecker

Used by myself, Weirdy Beardy are Australian grown and operated, hand mixing and pouring their beard oil in Sydney.

They only offer two scents, but both are absolute quality, and they also offer a hand-made matte pomade if you want to keep your actual hair looking just as stylish as your beard.


The Groomed Man Co.


Mangrove Citrus is the go-to oil

Recommended Scent: Mangrove Citrus

TGM Co. obviously aren’t going to win any prizes for creativity in their name, but they do offer a seriously impressive range of not only beard oils, but also shampoos and conditioners designed to work on both your beard and your hair. Versatile and simple. It’s all in the name really.


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