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A Very Happy Valentine’s Day From Bella Hadid & ‘Love’ Magazine

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There must be something in the water at the Hadid household. Eldest sister Gigi is one of the most in-demand models at the moment, thanks to her girl-next-door charm and membership to Taylor Swift’s infamous squad. Younger brother, Anwar, is also a model.

And then there’s Bella Hadid, the middle sibling who – you guessed it – is also a model. (Seriously, is there some kind of genetic engineering going on over there?)

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Bella has taken a different path from her sister, foregoing the good-girl image in favour of something more dark broody. Her list of accomplishments includes dating The Weeknd, freeing the nipple at a Dior masquerade ball, and rocking a lethally high-cut dress on the Cannes red carpet.

Count us in as official members of the fan club, the latest meeting of which we call to order right now in honor of B.Hadid’s brand new Valentine’s Day shoot for LOVE magazine. You’ll find all the sultry, somewhat NSFW looks above.


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