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The Most Binge-Worthy Shows On Netflix Right Now

With the endless amount of shows on Netflix, the art of binging has become tactical when trying to find the perfect show. There’s nothing worse than wasting a few solid hours on a show that doesn’t make the cut. You’re a busy guy, we know that. Which is why we’ve put together this epic list of the 50 best shows on Netflix streaming right now. No longer do you have to guess if your show is going to be good.

From American sitcoms to British crime dramas, we’ve got the best shows for you to binge on next time you hit the couch.

50. Friends

This American sitcom deserves an honourable mention on any Netflix top shows list. We all know it, we all love it and we all have 10 seasons of it to watch, and watch again, until the end of streaming time. You can turn on any episode of Friends for guaranteed laughter and an extreme longing for New York in the 90’s…and the Central Perk. (Hint: There’s a replica in London)

49. Portlandia

There’s a ton of hype around the city of Portland, Oregon for the iconic oddities that make up the city. After living in Portland, I can admit… this show offers you a comedic view on how the city operates with accuracy. Of course, the quirks and hipster culture is embellished for the sketches but overall there is no better sketch comedy that’ll keep your attention episode after episode.

48. River

The typical police investigation drama show has become old. We know the procedures, we know how it ends, and we’d probably be able to commit some crimes ourselves. River is a quick, binge-worthy series that defies conventional police dramas. DI John River lead a normal life, until the day he began having visions of dead people during his investigations. This “manifests”, as he calls them, are victims of cases prior, all personifying a part of his mind. Is River experiencing a 6th sense? Or is he simply gone mad? Follow the story as he investigates the death of his long time partner as these dead manifests relentlessly offer him an ode to his past.

47. That 70’s Show

An old sitcom with timeless comedy, That 70’s Show is perfect for anytime binging. The seasons take place in midwest 1970’s American, where teens spend their time listening to rock and getting stoned in their basement. The show accurately reflects the time period from blue-collar backgrounds to bell bottoms to mistrust of the government. The jokes are easy to digest, goofy and make a great background while you’re getting stuff done around the flat.

46. Spartacus

Thracian gladiator Spartacus had once led a historical slave uprising against the Roman Republic during the Third Servile War. But who was Spartacus before this massive rebellion? What led to his breaking point within the Republic that caused the upheaval? After the government parts him from his wife and forces him into gladiator training, he is forced to brutally take out anyone in his way to find her. Take to this series for compelling battles to the death, heartfelt tragedy and one gladiators quest for vengeance against the unforgiving world of the Romans.

45. Futurama

For 14 years Futurama reigned one of the top animated sitcoms on FOX network. The stories typically revolve around Phillip Fry. A delivery boy who was cryogenically frozen in 1999, only to find himself woke a thousand years later in a strange you world. The kids pretty quirky and odd, so he fits in nicely. He picks up a job at Planet Express, a delivery service who serves all five quadrants of the universe. The show plays on endless parodies and spoofs, including their rendition of The Globetrotters and talking heads of famous presidents like Nixon, Clinton and Lincoln. Futurama is strange, slapstick and inventive with their futuristic characters. They’ve won multiple awards including Annie, Emmy, Writers Guild of America and more.

44. The Office

A mockumentary, this show depicts the lives of the office employees at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. With writers from SNL and the Simpsons, you are guaranteed to laugh throughout every episode. Inappropriate behavior, ridiculous antics and ego clashes puts even the most stern of people into a comical mood. If you’ve worked in an office before, the show will keep you engaged. You’ve got the likable guy, office romances, the weird one, the boring guy and more. It’s the perfect show after a long day at work when you don’t feel like putting too much attention into something. Keep it in the background while you’re eating, doing laundry or whatever else a magnificent bastard does when he’s hanging around the house.

43. Dexter

Step into the captivating double life of Dexter Morgan. By day, a blood splatter analyst for the Miami PD and by night, a murderous psychopath who thrives on the art of killing. But don’t fret! You won’t find Dexter at your door anytime soon (we’re hoping). For he only hunts down serial killers that have slipped through the cracks of the justice system. Witty, graphic, yet wildly addicting, Dexter is still one of the best shows still on Netflix since the finale in 2013. Heads up, season 6 took a severe hit in viewer ratings but thankfully the team recovered in the final two seasons of crime drama mystery series.

42. Sons of Anarchy

Embrace yourself for a thrilling ride through California’s baddest motorcycle club. Where brotherhood is held at top priority, bound by a code that can never be crossed. Whether it’s your mother, best friend or brother, everyone is subjected the same fate.

When member Jax (Charlie Hunnam) tries to do right by the club, he is only met by inevitable tragedies. Extortion, adultery, distrust…love. The emotionally captivating cinematics are sure to keep your heart racing and anger flaring as redemption runs its course throughout this tight knit family. With 7 riveting seasons, SoA is guaranteed to keep you thinking, what the hell is going to happen next.

41. Bob’s Burgers

Success is not in the making for Bob Belcher and his burger joint. With the help of his loving, yet extremely quirky family, the group continues to run the most mediocre restaurant in town. Awkward children who cause trouble, a wife who love jingles and wine, the Blecher’s are a family made for your comedic relief. This animated sitcom won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated program in 2014 and was ranked TV Guide Greatest TV Cartoons of All Time. This is my go-to show when I’m not sure what to watch, or good for late night binge laughs.

40. Better Call Saul

Prequel of the infamous Breaking Bad series, this show tells the brutal, comic story of Saul Goodman. Know as the sheisty lawyer, Better Call Saul brings a humane aspect to the character we all know and love. A witty comedy of the progression to the lawyer we all loved, and kind of hated, in the landmark series Breaking Bad. No matter what, Saul will do whatever it takes to not go to court and maintain his relationship to the criminal world. (US only, sorry)

39. The Walking Dead

With the upcoming release of season 7B, we had to pay tribute the legendary series of The Walking Dead. If you haven’t started yet, you better get moving because the Walking Dead will have you binging for hours in a compelling, post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. Join Rick Grimes and the crew as they learn to survive in a world riddled by “walkers”, scarcity and war. You may fall off around season 4, but buckle down and fight through to move on to the thrilling final seasons the Walking Dead has to offer.

38. How I Met Your Mother

After nine seasons, I believe How I Met Your Mother is permanently at it’s end. There was some chatter after an awful finale about how they might release a following season (typical) or something to answer questions, but no streaming was made. This American sitcom is a goofy, yet kind of romantic, story of how Ted Mosby met his kids mother. Set in the year 2030, they recount the story from their couch through flashbacks on his search for his soulmate. Cast Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, and more, make for nothing less than a hilarious comedy. The crew together has won 9 Emmy Awards as well as individual awards for various accolades revolving around comedy.

37. Parks and Rec

If you like witty sitcoms, Parks and Recreation is a great show for you to get into. Starring Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, this mockumentary tells the story of the Parks Department in the little town of Pawnee, Indiana. Sounds boring, right? Don’t be fooled, Parks and Rec is written by the same guys who wrote the Office and has 7 seasons ready for streaming. It’s funny, heartfelt and has a good casting which caused this show to become so popular.

36. The Killing

Based off the Danish crime drama, Forbrydelsen, The Killing documents the murder of Rosie Larsen. Set in Seattle, Washington, the series has a gloomy, dark and grunge elements which makes the investigation even more mysterious. The show was a huge win for Mireille Enos, who went on to do bigger productions after the 4th season. You connect with her role and can understand the unfair balance of work and life that detectives go through. Drugs, murder, political deception, I wish I could have binged on this when it came out. Unfortunately I started on AMC when you had to wait every week for a new episode. Unheard of!

35. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

There’s a lot of buzz around this 8 episode prequel series on whether you have to see the movie first to “get it”. Personally, I didn’t think you had to. For the show is full of mindless, absurd comedy that kept me laughing the whole time. One of those quotable comedies like Step Brothers or Pineapple Express, only in show form. They have a killer cast including A list actors like Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon and many more.

34. The Get Down

This relatively new short series on Netflix is brought to you by creator Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby). A man who never falls short of an elaborate, fascinating production. With a $120 million budget, The Get Down highlights impeccable artistry, riveting performances and a viewing experience you will not find elsewhere. The average episodes is longer than your average series, however, each moment will take you back to the hip-hop culture of the 70’s, leave you there, and you will love it.

33. F Is For Family

I remember the first time I came across F is for Family while looking for a new show. It only had six episodes and kind of looked like Family Guy so I figured I’d go for it. Fortunately for me, the show was hands down great. It follows Bill Murphy, an angry, Irish-American suburban dad through his mundane life in 1970’s America. Crude jokes, tons of intrusive profanity and plenty of self-loathing makes this show a great addition to anyone’s queue.

32. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is an incredible, violent series that has flown under the radars for quite some time. The story takes place in Birmingham, England after the First World War in 1919. Where the Roman/Irish gang Peaky Blinders, under leader Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), are ruthless in their quest to become an empire. A high energy, visually dramatic series, the illicit activities and struggles this crime family goes through to make it to the top are met with bold force. Take a fashionable note, these gentlemen are dapper as hell with their relevant historical wardrobes.

31. The Blacklist

After years of avoiding capture, former government agent and global criminal, Red Reddington comes to light. Before giving himself up, he offers a plea bargain for immunity. In order to gain access to an underground network of elusive terrorists, the FBI must let Red work directly with Liz Keen, a new FBI profiler. Weary, but complacent, they accept. And uproot Liz from her newly established life in order to take down an unknown criminal enterprise. What’s Red connection to Liz? What’s Red’s benefit to bringing down a group he was so intimately a part of? Tune in as the story unfolds in this 4 season binger revolving around the Blacklist of Red Reddington.

30. Sherlock

This BBC One series has become a hit amongst the Netflix community. The show offers a witty, modernized version of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes novels. Follow Sherlock and partner John Watson as they solve the most bizarre mysteries of London in a compelling, yet wildly eccentric nature. When the people don’t know who to turn to, they turn to Sherlock Holmes to figure it out. With an archnemesis, impressive thematics and the charm of a magnificent bastard, Sherlock is a surely winner in our book of bingers.

29. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a series unlike the rest of Marvel the Defenders. Yes, Daredevil is dark, brutal and gritty, but Jessica Jones touches on subjects the other series don’t. Rape, assault, and PTSD are prominent themes throughout the storyline. After Jessica Jones leaves her superhero lifestyle behind to open up a PI firm, she’s met with a dark past. As her archenemy, Kilgrave, begins to targets everyone around her, Jessica’s forced to make a choice. Will she let her loved ones suffer or will she face her past head on, ending it once and for all?

28. Arrested Development

The sitcom series took off after their debut on Fox, eventually getting pulled over to Netflix after Season 3. Arrested Development tells the story of the Bluth family who loses everything, with a son who tries to keep them together. They’re witty, pretty deadpan (my favorite type of comedy) and overall dysfunctional. Although they were cancelled after Season 4, the series provides solid comedy that’ll put you in a good mood anytime of the day.

27. Bloodline

A respect American family with a dark secret, a son who wants to expose them all. Bloodline depicts a story of the lies, deception and manipulation amongst a once trusting family with an unsettling past. When their outcast son returns to help with the family business, the reality of their mistakes begins to tear them apart one by one. A true binge-worthy series, the plot keeps you locked in. To the point where your attention is fully immersed, leaving you in a stupor four hours later when you realize what time it actually is.

26. Daredevil

Daredevil is hands down the best superhero series amongst the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The overall plot revolves around Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer by day and superhero by night. Although blind, his ability to use his heightened working senses to fight crime in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. The brilliant cinematography complements the brutal, yet engrossing action scenes.  Unlike other Marvel shows, Daredevil is dark, edgy and has an awesome cast that offers you hours of good Netflix watching when you need it most.

25. Breaking Bad

Legendary amongst television shows, Breaking Bad goes down as the best series to binge on to date. Every episode is remarkable in itself. Superb acting, impactful storylines and the best crystal meth around make Breaking Bad a truly amazing show. Follow Walter White (Bryan Cranston), as he goes from high school teacher to criminal drug lord in order to secure his family financially after his impending death to cancer. The show has won 16 Emmy Awards, named Best Television Series of All Time and is even in the Guinness World Records. If that’s not enough for you to put your phone down and get started I’m not quite sure what is. (US only, Sorry)

24. Orange is the New Black

OITNB was one of the first groundbreaking original series that Netflix bingers took a liking to. Why? For starters, every season was released with all the episode, making for an excellent binge. Also, the show brought new light to life in prison. In a world where everyone is perceived as beneath society, OITNB brings the human element back. As the show goes, you learn about the lives of each inmate and how they ended up in prison with main character, Piper. Eventful, heartfelt and hysterical, OITNB is the best series for a long night of Netflix and chill.

23. Travelers

A team of 5 special ops agents travel back in time to prevent the collapse of society. How do they do it? By transferring their consciousness into a dying body of the past. Follow their mission as they attempt to assimilate to their present day bodies, all while preventing the downfall of their future. This sci-fi series has all the markings of a binger: different, fun, captivating and madly addictive.

22. Hip-Hop Evolution

You can always turn to Netflix when you want to blur the lines between watching tv and education. While not a binger, Hip-Hop Evolution tells the gripping story of how hip-hop became what is it today. With interviews from MCs like Kool Herc and Coke La Rock, this exclusive look into hip-hops past is incomparable to other documentaries. The series is short, cool, to the point and you may discover some old-school music while you’re at it.

21. Mad Men

Stiff drinks, expensive cigars, and the “Mad Men” and women of the American 1960’s advertising world make up this drama series on Netflix. Known for their impactful writing and accurate historical references, Man Men offers a window into a world unknown by adult men today. Iconic for alcoholism, counterculture, sex, cigarettes and racism, this 7 season series puts you right into the heart of the American fast life. After a roughly rated 1st season, Mad Men soared in ratings and continued to do so until their finale in 2015.

20. Narcos

Here’s the true story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar on his pursuit to build the largest cocaine empire in the world. Told by American DEA agent, Steven Murphy, Narcos chronicles the life accounts of Escobar on his dark and gritty rise to building the cartel. With archival footage, incredible performances, and the suspenseful horrors that surround the Medellin cartel, you won’t be able to wait until late 2017 for season 3 to come out.

19. BoJack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is finally getting the recognition this adult animated comedy deserves. Hilarious, depressing, yet awkwardly profound, BoJack Horseman is an easy binger for anytime of the day. The plot plays on the struggles of washed-up actors, like BoJack, in Hollywood, and what they do to cope with a loveless, narcissist life. For BoJack, seems to never be able to get out of his funk to write the autobiography that will bring him back to light. After hiring writer Diane Nguyen, we see some hope for BoJacks future. But with a freeloading roommate and pesky girlfriend/agent, BoJack is constantly at the mercy of their antics which continually bring him down, making a great show for you to laugh at.

18. Luther

This BBC One crime drama will keep you on the edge of your seat for 4 seasons straight. John Luther, a dedicated detective, holds his job higher than anything else in life. Even his impending anger issues. These issues which often come out in violent, psychologically pressing behavior during his investigations. Watch as Luther does his best to balance his personal life, with the unforgiving duties of being a Chief Inspector. Intellectual, gritty and suspenseful, Luther is a definite binger for a rainy weekend on the couch with take out and a few glasses of whisky.

17. Luke Cage

Cage just wanted to live a quiet life in Harlem, in secrecy from his superhero strengths. After falling prey to the city’s notorious crime sprees, Luke Cage is forced to come out of hiding and defend his hometown. The show, part of Marvel’s Defenders series, follows Cage as he brings justice to the communities that need it most. He’s nearly unbeatable. Incredibly strong, bulletproof and a real charmer for those who are protected by his word. All in all, a total badass. The storyline is full of intense, well-shot action scenes, however, the plot itself is pretty predictable.

16. House of Cards

Manipulation, power, murder and adultery are a few of the captivating themes in the political drama series, House of Cards. After being passed over for Secretary of State, Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, implements a plan to get him into power. With the help of his wife Claire, the power couple will stop at nothing to climb the ranks of the political ladder. The cinematics of the show are worth mentioning, for the entire series in shot in a noir/underexposed style. Creating a moody, dramatic and dark atmosphere throughout each and every scene.

15.Chef’s Table

For a change of pace from regular binging shows, check in to the American documentary, Chef’s Table. Following up Jiro Dreams of Sushi, creator David Gelb invites you in the world’s most prestigious and innovative restaurants around the world. Each episode tells a story of these landmark chefs that inspire millions through something as simple as food. Explore the tastes of Japanese kaiseki cuisine a N/Naka in LA or the works of newly acclaimed Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez Veliz. This show is less for binge watching and more for pursuing intellect or a passion for travel and food.

14. Archer

Perfect for a therapeutic binge-watching session, Archer will keep you laughing from start to finish. Sterling Archer, or just Archer, is a suave-master spy who enjoy the luxury lifestyle of sex, booze, designer clothes and spy gadgets. A master spy who’s boss is… his loveless mother. Even after the CIA closes his department and the two go off on their own to run a drug cartel. This adult animated comedy series is full of deadpan jokes, amusing character back stories and 60’s historical references. At 20 minutes per episode, the likelihood of running through the first 3 seasons in a weekend is very high.

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13. Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

All magnificent bastards should know Anthony Bourdain, for he’s the king of us all. Starting as an acclaimed Chef, Bourdain has went on to make a career for himself exploring the world by eating everything he can. No kidding, the dude has eaten items like fetal eggs, dried shark and seal eyes. Fortunately his culinary adventures, with a side of political issues, are available for you to experience right now on Netflix.

12. American Horror Story

Since their debut in 2011, AHS has continued to crank out gruesome tales season by season. Each with a new setting, new horror story but the same vibrant characters. Ghosts, murder, torture and deception, the series have aspects of traditional horror stories with a modern twist. A plot to meet the needs of any horror enthusiasts. Personally, I found Season 3 to be a little too catty and dramatic, however, the story of Hotel Cortex in Season 5 had me watching until 2am easy.

11. Sense8

In a moments notice, you’re unexplainably linked to seven strangers from around the world. You can hear what they hear, see what they see, and feel how they feel. What is believed to be visions, are actually an evolutionary path into humanity’s future. In order to stop it, a secret group sets out to destroy the sensate’s connection before they become a threat to the world’s fragile order. Unique locations and LGBT themes have made this science fiction drama favorable amongst viewers leading to a second season release in May, 2017.

10. Louie

Louis C.K. is one of my favorite, self-deprecating comedians to date, making me a little biased. However, his show Louie is a winner for those who enjoy the comedic relief of everyday situations. Follow the man through events of his everyday life, with sexual and racist jokes along the way. Being divorced with two daughters, Louis C.K. keeps you cracking up with his comedic take on mundane events like picking up the kids from school. Zero boundaries, offensive language and clips of his stand up routines… what more would one want out of a comedy show?

9. Making A Murderer

Making A Murder captured the audience of America right off the release back in late 2015. Steven Avery, a Wisconsin native, was fully exonerated from prison after 18 years thanks to updated DNA evidence proving his innocence. The charges? Sexual assault and attempted murder of victim Penny Beerntsen. After 4 years of his release and an extensive lawsuit, Avery is arrested on murder charges of a local photographer. Making a Murder chronicles the arrest, prosecution and conviction of Avery and his nephew. Mystery, critique, immersion. The story of Avery will envelop you and have you prying for answers to the question of if, or if not, he murdered local photographer Teresa Halbach. This is, the making of a murderer.

8. Master of None

Aziz Ansari just wants to get ahead in life, but in New York City, getting ahead is not always easy. His life revolves around his three friends, career and dating, all the hard things about becoming an adult. Oh, and trying to find a damn good taco! Funny, witty and endearing, Master of None has received top accolades since it’s release including, “Top 10 TV Programs of the Year” and “Outstanding Achievement in Comedy”. With that, master publications such as NY Times, TIME, Vogue and The Guardian and more have ranked Master of None as one of their top 10 shows of the year which is available for you, right now on Netflix.

7. Bates Motel

After the death of his father, Norman Bates and his mother open up a motel in coastal Oregon. In an attempt to for a fresh start, the two are compromised by Norman’s struggle with his mental illness. A mother trying to protect her son, a budding psychopath in a small town, Bates Motel plays on suspenseful fear tactics to keep you on the edge of your couch through all four seasons. Dark, disturbing, yet utterly fascinating, Bates Motel continues to flaw audiences as each new season hits streaming. Binge quick, because the release of Season 5 is February 20th and you don’t want to fall behind!


Drunken debauchery and messed up family dynamics, Shameless will keep you binging for hours at a time. With a suicidal mother and alcoholic father, the Gallagher kids are left to raise themselves in the South Side projects of Chicago. Robbery, arson, drugs and sexual confusion, watch as the Gallagher’s get through life’s challenges with what little financial support they have. Regardless, the Gallagher’s stick together through laughs, cries, pregnancies, lots of sex and tons of drinking.

5.The Crown

With strikingly positive reviews, The Crown became trending Netflix Original since it’s release in November. Follow the grappling story of 25 year old Queen Elizabeth the II as she battles between the pulls of royalty and normal life. Become apart of the story, as Peter Morgan’s thoroughly researched script takes you behind the doors of UK’s most powerful and privileged leaders. Complemented by fantastic cinematography and a dynamic cast, the Crown offers a compelling performance with a side of historical reference. A binge watcher for anyone who is willing to take the journey to a times past.

4.It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Five friends run a neighborhood Irish Pub in Philadelphia. Five friends (one being Danny DeVito) whose egocentric behaviors ends up putting them in situations unthought of the common man. From smoking crack to pretending to have AIDS, the crew relies on manipulation, selfishness and ignorance to get what they want. “The Gang” at Paddy’s Pub are shrewd individuals who would quickly throw you, or anyone at that, under the largest bus possible to get ahead. For a long day of sketch comedy and crying laughter, It’s Always Sunny is the show for you to binge on this weekend.

3. Stranger Things

American 80’s pop culture, government cover ups and alternative realities. How one can mix these together and create an irresistible show is beyond me. But I’m in, actually, I was in 3 times and cannot wait for Season 2. When a 12 year old goes missing in Indiana, his friends discover a psychokinetic girl who claims to know his location. As the truth unfolds, the kids risk their lives to save Will in the face of a relentless organization, school bullies and an insidious creature that lurks behind the surface.

2. Black Mirror

Recently commissioned by Netflix, Black Mirror depicts a dark and unpromising future of our relationship with technology. A future where our reliance on the ‘black mirror’ backfires, altering the way we see and interact with the world around us. When emotions and actions are dictated by computers and there’s nothing you can do about it. Each episode a standalone work, each episode a thinker. You are warned, Black Mirror may have you turning your phone off and heading to the woods in hopes of getting away from the cold, shiny screens we’re surrounded by each and every day.

1.The OA

Where Human Centipede meets Stranger Things, become apart of Prairies story after disappearing from her quiet hometown seven years prior. A blind teen, Prairie returns an eclectic young woman with her sight restored, and the locals want to know why. Where was she? Who took her? What are those scars on her back? The questions are endless, the truth inevitable. With only 8 episodes, you’ll be able to get through this season quick. Only to be left with wanting to know more. Whether Prairie is a miracle, or a danger, she will always be…the OA.

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