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Where To Shop For The Best Wedding Suits

We’ve only just cleared the Valentine’s Day hurdle. But chances are, one of your buddies has gone and popped the big question to his one-and-only. Predictable? Yes. But, we’re here to talk wedding suits, not cliché ways to propose.

Whether you’ve attended a wedding (or ten) in the past, finding that perfect wedding suit can be tricky. Why? Weddings are constantly evolving. No longer church-bound, the next wedding you attend could be by the sea, in a garden or at some fancy country club. Plus, dress codes and suit expectations are also getting more blurred.

So, when shopping for that wedding suit, you need to know exactly what it is you’re looking for, and the suit brands that have your betrothed back. From black-tie tuxedos to cotton-smart separates, here are the best wedding suits and brands for men this season. It’s easy, just say, “I do.”

The Tuxedo

The tuxedo sits at the top of the suit formality spectrum, so it’s perfect for black tie or formal wedding invites. Plus, post-tieing-of-the-knot, you’ve got a go-to dinner party, or work charity ball or New Year’s look, sorted. Go for classic black, or midnight blue for a traditional wedding, while a cherry red or emerald green — and in velvet — is for the gent who’s known to be a bit fashion-y — formalities permitting.

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Hackett – Mayfair’s most prestigious tailoring export – has your tuxedo-game covered. The Londoner offers a beautifully-made peak lapel suit, perfect for that black-tie wedding of one of your poshie cousins.

Crafted from a wool-mohair blend, Hackett jackets are designed to be fitted — never ‘tight’ — with padded shoulders to flatter your shape. A classic satin lapel decorates the front, and ties in the grosgrain stripe on the trouser. Pants have adjustable tabs too, so you can let them loose after the wedding cake. #foodbaby

Good for: traditional black tie weddings
Price: $$$


The Double Breast

The double-breasted suit has seen a mighty resurgence in recent years. And it sits perfectly in the formal category. But not every modern man can pull off the regality of two corresponding rows of buttons (larger, shorter gents, be warned). Modern DB suits are slimmer than their predecessors, but just as powerful and elegant as ever. And if you decide to rock it, you’ll likely by one-of-not-so-many sporting the extra jacket material at the front, thanks to most gents being style-sheep at weddings #singlebreastisntalwaysbest

Ermenegildo Zegna


Ermenegildo Zegna is the creme de la creme of suiting. Zegna’s take on the double-breast jacket is varied: a notch lapel for a more contemporary, streamline front or a peak lapel, for the DB-purist who wants all the trimming of the classic jacket. Being Zegna, the pure wool suit is perfectly sheen, but still matte-enough to look classy. It is made in Italy after all.

Good for: the high-end suit buyer who wants ultimate craftsmanship, without sacrificing style.
Price: $$$




Crafting suits since 1934, Canali is another Italian maestro to get to know come wedding time. Creativity and excellence go hand in hand offer the highest standards of cut, construction and finishing, so you know you’ll look sharp, but classic, in one of their double-breasted suits.

Summer collections boast wool-cotton blend desert-hues for summer weddings, while Canali’s winter offerings are textural wools in sombre hues, doubling as a neat work suit, post-matrimonial monotonies.

Good for: for the tasteful gent, who needs both a summer and winter wedding suit this season.
Price: $$$




One of the hottest fast-fashion retailers, Topman is a surefire way to stay on DB-trend, for a fraction of the cost. Oozing contemporary fits — ultra skinny, skinny and slim — there’s no chance of looking boxy with one of Topman’s double-breasted numbers. With a high wool-to-poly-cotton mix fabric bend, theres plenty of stretch but quality is less than the Italians mentioned above.

But, if it’s a once-off-wedding-wear you’re after, Topman gives you just that, in a snug fit and cool cut, perfect for nailing your next wedding look.

Good for: twenty-to-thirtysomething gents who aren’t dad-bod sufferers, and don’t have that much money to spare (due to brunching and interning).
Price: $


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The Lounge Suit

Lounge suit? Take a breath, it’s just another way to describe your regular suit. You probably already own one if you work in a corporate office, but weddings are a great excuse to freshen things up. A single-breasted two-piece is a slick and contemporary choice for the gent who wants to keep things simple, but still look exceptionally sharp. And add in the waist coat, and it’s an instant posh-up, giving you reason to lose the jacket come dance floor time, and rock that vest, solo.

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Tom Ford


Sleek and sexy, Tom Ford is to the glam-man’s suit maker. Masculine cuts and rich finishes are part of the Tom Ford ethos, so come here for a lounge suit for your next wedding that screams luxury, and with a cool print or unique colour tone. Tom Ford’s blues are rich, his greys are deep, and his blacks — like the night. He’s the colour and pattern master, whatever you fancy.

Good for: the gent who wants a modern suit, but still perfectly acceptable for the formalities of weddings.
Price: $$$


Paul Smith


Paul Smith has been turning British tailoring on its head since the sixties. Not afraid to add pleats to pants and pads to shoulders, Mr Smith’s suits are for the luxury man seeking a Parisian knife edge — sharp. A recent addition is the versatile, water-repellent and crease-resistant ‘travel suit’. Paul Smith calls it ‘Good for acrobatics. Also good for travel,’ but we think its perfect – in navy or black – for the smooth operator who needs some room to move on the d-floor. #heymacarena

Good for: the expensive gent who likes contemporary details.
Price: $$$


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Selected Homme


El cheapo need not mean el crappo. First launched in 1997, Selected Homme specialises in simple designs that are classic to the eye, but always edgy and elegant with focus on attention to detail. Dark colours and statement prints are their forte and most suits come crafted from a cotton-poly blend with wool-poly for the higher end suits. But the price is the best bit, getting a whole suit for under $300, and other wedding goers won’t even know.

Good for: price-sensitive gents and the minimalist.
Price: $


The Separates

Got a beach wedding? Or a stripped back version of affairs, where friends want casj, not stiff-necked. Sometimes formal tailoring just isn’t required, and a nice jacket and/or pant is top-shelf.

Avoid things like ripped jeans, but chinos? Do it. Meanwhile, up top is simple too: a crisp cotton shirt with long-sleeves and then an unstructured blazer seals the deal. Per outfit construction, mix patterns and colours with neutrals, making the desert and monochrome hues your base and selecting one key item — like a blazer, tie/sock or shirt, as your focal point. Ramp up the accessories too.

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L.B.M 1911


The Italian tailor is the master of sprezzatura: the art of looking stylish, effortlessly. L.B.M 1911 offers jackets and pants in vintage-fades and natural colourways, as well as fruity and floral varieties that will liven up any wedding look, without nauseating onlookers. Each blazer is softly constructed on the shoulder and toros from the finest linen, cotton, wool and/silks, meaning you’ll arrive looking and feeling chic, but comfortable. #ijustwokeuplikethis

Good for: the guy with money who wants to appear easy and comfortable.
Price: $$$




A connoisseur of business suits, Dutch suit maker Suitsupply even has your wedding separates sorted. Half lined for a lighter, more natural wear, each SS jacket tailored slim from a blend of wool, silk and linen. Then, just select your finish of preference: a bold check pattern, or classic blue, grey or black, with neutral, light chinos.

Good for: Summer weddings and for the gent who wants to wear the jacket after the wedding too.
Price: $$


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