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Escape From It All At This Soothing Swedish Retreat

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Calling these “uncertain times” is an understatement. With what seems like a constant stream of bad news igniting publications and social feeds, there are a few things we desperately need right now.

Peace. Calm. A place to hide when the inevitable apocalypse comes to destroy us all.

All three are available at this stunning retreat, designed by Bjurfors Home and located in Stuga, Sweden.

The vibe is nothing but serene at this cosy cottage. Scandinavian design’s famous soothing effect is in full force, with plenty of neutral colours and inviting natural materials. White walls and floors instill an instant sense of tranquility. Furry blankets, large knits, and hide rugs add warmth. Wood features and a stone fireplace bring the outside in, putting the space in complete harmony with its natural surroundings.

The home’s exterior is equally inviting. Wood and stone again help the structure blend with its surroundings. A large table beckons to host friends (or fellow escapees of the apocalypse). A charming porch sparks visions of morning coffees sipped outdoors and shouting at errant children to get off your lawn.

When doomsday comes, we know where we’re headed.

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