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10 Memorable Movie Scenes You Didn’t Know Were Improvised

The Hollywood machine can look exceptionally well-oiled to an outsider. Every cast and crew member knows his job, everything happens on a strict schedule, and it all goes precisely as planned… right?

In reality, it’s rare that a film shoot doesn’t have to pivot at some point. An actor who fully inhabits his or her role may suddenly discover the urge to improvise, and react to a scene totally off the cuff as that character. These unscripted moments can give movies a more honest feel and make a more memorable impression on the viewers. (Or they can piss off the screenwriters who spent months honing every word and punctuation mark in the script.)

Either way, these improvised movie scenes are often some of the most unforgettable, even if audiences aren’t aware that they’re watching something ad-libbed.

The film buffs at Screen Rant know the power of the impromptu movie moment. They cut together 10 hilarious movie moments you may not know were improvised in one YouTube clip. There are Oscar winners and superheroes, golfers and mob men, saviors of galaxies and zombie slayers – and perhaps some surprises in store. Check it out above.

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