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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [20.02.17]

When the start of your working week gets the most of you, it’s time to procrastinate the right way. We’re not talking about hiding in stationery room for the next eight hours. There’s a more pleasant way to do it and that’s by feeding your brain with pointless and awesome facts that you’ll both love and not give a toss about.

This is your weekly hit of interesting facts for men served medium rare.

Dirty NASA Secrets You Didn’t Know About



Humans may have only been in space for the past century or so but besides all of the glory that comes with conquering an important frontier in our race, there also comes a raft of shady secrets that are often left out of the public’s attention. Here are some of the dirty NASA secrets as reported by Listverse.

    • NASA accidentally recorded over the original tapes of the Apollo 11 moon landing
    • They secretly took in former Nazi scientists after World War II
    • A NASA intern stole moon rocks and a meteorite from Mars and had sex on them
    • Astronauts drink their own urine
    • If a crew member goes off the rails during a lengthy expedition, it’s official documented procedure stipulates: “The astronaut’s crewmates should bind his wrists and ankles with duct tape, tie him down with a bungee cord, and inject him with tranquilisers if necessary.”

Real Spy Weapons That Go Beyond 007


They might not shoot laser beams out of a watch or be an invisible car equipped with missiles, but make no mistake the real world of spies did contain some seriously nifty and nasty devices. These are some of the most famous ones according to Buzzfeed.

  • Dog faeces radio transmitter: Made to faithfully resemble the looks and feel of a real piece of dog shit, the poo transmitter from the 1970s was designed to listen in on unsuspecting targets without the risk of being touched or tampered with.
  • Glasses featuring hidden cyanide pills: If ever a spy was in the unfortunate position of being captured by the enemy, they had the lethal option to bite the end of their ear hook which contained a deadly cyanide pill concealed inside. This would be the ultimate sacrifice of giving one’s own life to preserve a nation’s secrets.
  • Rectal tool kit: Blades, drill bits, files and anything else that could help get a spy out of trouble was kept in a compact capsule. That capsule was then inserted into the spy’s anus making it undetectable during a pat-down.
  • Camera pigeon: Self explanatory, a camera was attached to a pigeon and the photos retrieved from the enemy’s battleground would reveal their battle strategies.
  • Shoe with heel transmitter: With a concealed microphone and transmitter, this was the ultimate spy device for the discerning gent.
  • Tobacco pipe pistol: Self explanatory really. Have a puff. Kills someone.

Office Romances Could Make You More Productive


Meet you by the photocopier? Indeed that could be a line you’ll utter if you decide to engage in a sneaky bit of office romance. Fast Company found a study done via the University of Gothenburg in Sweden which highlights the potential benefits to office romances. It argued that, “Many participants expressed their pleasure in going to work when they were in a workplace romance. One participant said the relationship energised him to work even harder and another said this euphoria motivated her to work more.”

The report also stated that “women and men talked about the safety of finding a partner in the workplace, and explained that one was more likely to get a truer picture of a possible partner at work than during a casual encounter with someone in online dating or at a pub. The work environment allows you to get to know an individual before committing to a relationship.”

There you have it. Now get cracking. Or fired. In no particular order.

Crazy Celebrity Backstories



Everyone loves a good celebrity backstory that was more left of field than most. Here are two notable stories of true badasses thanks to Listverse.

Samuel L.Jackson held Martin Luther King Senior hostage at gunpoint. Inspired by Luther King Junior’s words, Jackson took King Snr. hostage at gunpoint as he was a board member at his school predominantly made up of black kids taught entirely by white teachers. He wanted to change this by forcing the employment of more African American teachers. He ended up expelled and a criminal record.

Liam Neeson used to be a teacher. And then he punched a student in the face. The class was out of control and then one of the bigger 15-year-olds decided to pull a knife on him after refusing to leave the classroom. Given this is the future Detective Mills who’d stop at nothing to save his daughter, he acted out of reflex and punched the kid in the face. He said after the incident that it was something “which I shouldn’t have done…but I felt threatened.”

That kid should feel privileged that he copped one from Neeson.


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