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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [27.02.17]

Forget about that spreadsheet for a second and cast your eyes over something that will both entertain and serve you no purpose in life. This is your weekly hit of interesting facts for men – stuff we’ve always wondered but never bothered to find out about. Well no more.

From human killing plants to why there’s so much damn oil in the Middle East, this is your bar banter refined for the Magnificent Bastard.

Plants That Can Kill You



See those little green things growing in your yard? They’re capable of killing you. Okay, perhaps not any standard plant you’ll find in a suburban yard but in the depths of a dense jungle where civilisation rarely ventures, no living creature is safe – including humans. These three plants via Listverse all contain toxins designed to protect themselves against predators so it’s best you don’t cross paths with them.

  • Wolfsbane – Also called the “Devils Helmet”, Wolfsbane is a plant usually found in mountainous regions of the northern hemisphere. The poison it contains is called alkaloid pseudaconitine, a substance used by ancient Japanese to dip the heads of their arrows in before hunting. Ingesting the poison will lead to a burning sensation in the limbs and abdomen with death occurring after 2-6 hours for large doses.
  • Belladonna – Native to Europe, North Africa and Western Asia, “Devils Berries” contain Tropane alkaloids, a toxin which causes delirium and hallucinations alongside a loss of voice, dry mouth, headaches, breathing difficulty and convulsions. And finally, death.
  • Castor Plants – Found in eastern Africa and India, Castor Plants contain a toxin called Ricin which is concentrated in the seeds and beans. A single seed can kill a human in two days if swallowed but not before a long agonising death which involves a burning sensation in the mouth and throat. This is followed by abdominal pain, bloody diarrhoea and vomiting before death from dehydration.

Longest Oscars Speeches Ever


Whilst everyone is focusing on who’s wearing what and why America should hate Trump, we’ve decided to find out which awarded actor managed to muster the longest victory speech ever. Here are the winners with mouths bigger than their stomachs according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Greer Garson – Oscars 1942, over 5 minutes.
Hilary Swank – Oscars 2000, 3 minutes (which felt longer due to Swank reading names to thank off a list).
Adrien Brody – Not only did he receive an award along with a pash with presenter Halle Berry, Brody went HAM on the speech going three minutes over the 45 second limit. He still received a standing ovation at the end.
Matthew McConaughey – This guy is credited for having the longest Oscars speech in the past 25 years with a 549 word memo that went for 4.5 minutes.

Why There’s So Much Oil In The Middle East


You’ve heard about the Saudi region being built on the endless surplus of oil fields but have you ever wondered why it seems that the entire area and its surrounding countries seemingly control all of the world’s oil supplies? According to the Naked Scientists, it’s quite simple.

“Hydrocarbons are all are from dead organic material and you need an astonishing set of circumstances to make oil out of these things and preserve them. First, you’ve got to concentrate them somewhere where they’re not dispersed or oxidised, which means in swamps, marshes, lakes or something like that. Then you’ve got to heat them up slowly over a long, long period to cook them up to make oil.”

“And then, when they make oil and start to buzz off, you’ve got to have some way of trapping them. All these things, it turns out, happen on the margins of continents. If you stretch continents and try to pull them apart what happens is they ‘neck.'”


“Now, what happened in Saudi Arabia is that that happened to be on the margin of a huge ocean which separated Asia from the southern continents. So, a hundred million years ago, Africa, India and Arabia were all a long way further south from where they are now and they’ve all moved north and bashed into Asia. One of those places is [what is now] Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq.”

“So what’s happened is the margin of that ocean, with the margins of Arabia, and Africa and India, have all just popped up above sea level. So it’s not that there is more oil there than anywhere else. There’s loads of oil all the way over on the other continental margins but that’s underwater. It’s hard to get out; it’s hard to find and it’s hard to suck out. Whereas in Saudi Arabia, it’s popped up nicely above sea level and also in Iran and Iraq. So it’s actually extremely easy to find.”

World’s Most Dangerous Suburbs


Thought walking down a dark alleyway in your local neighbourhood was dangerous? That’s cute. These are the world’s most dangerous suburbs according to Complex, places where looking at someone the wrong way could put you in some serious strife.

  • Complexo Do Alemao, Rio de Janeiro: Alemão is one of Rio’s most violent favelas, an interlocking collection of shantytowns in the midst of the city
  • Solntsevo, Moscow: Arms trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, high-level fraud, and legitimate business
  • Cite Soleil, Port-Au-Prince: One of the Northern hemisphere’s largest shantytowns which suffers from a total lack of infrastructure and public services whilst crime runs rampant alongside lynchings

Scientists Now Know Who Orgasms The Most


The short answer: Straight men. New data presented in the Archives of Sexual Behavior via Refinery has found that between a pool of straight men, straight women, lesbian women, gay men, and bisexuals, straight guys got it off the most. A lot of this, according to the findings, claims that it’s the result of men focusing on their own orgasms first, whilst not necessarily returning the favour to their partners.

The figures state the frequency of orgasms across the board as:

  • Gay men (89%)
  • Bisexual men (88%)
  • Lesbian women (86%)
  • Straight women (65%)
  • Bisexual women (66%)
  • Straight men (95%)


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