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Mercedes-Benz’s First Ever Ute Has Landed In Australia

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Brace yourselves, cashed up tradies. Mercedes-Benz are bringing their wild X-Class Concept to local construction sites in 2018.

The green machine is the Silver Arrows’ first ever ute (that’s pick-up truck for you Americans) and the prototype model was yesterday spotted on the back of a truck in Tullamarine heading to an undisclosed location for a shoot.

The car which will take on the likes of long established pick-up names from Ford and Toyota is currently here on a promotional tour before its official debut.


Early details have already been confirmed about the X-Class Concept including the monstrous 22-inch wheels which Mercedes-Benz head of design Gorden Wagener admitted was “pretty much” production-ready.

Given that it’s a Mercedes-Benz, punters can also expect the same level of exacting luxury and safety in the interior with Wagener confirming that it will be on par with their passenger cars. In other words, it’ll be pretty damn good.

Other than that there are no powertrain or engine specs as yet. There is a cool trailer which you can check out below though.

  • Dudeasaurus_Rex

    or, alternatively, it’s a Nissan, so you can expect the chassis to snap in half in 5 or 6 years…

  • Amery Drage

    D40 chassis has the issue, the X-Class is built off the np300 chassis, and Merc has stated it has strengthened it.

  • Raymond Waters

    That is one unattractive ute and of course being Mercedes it will be grossly over priced


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