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26 Monochromatic Rooms That Go Hard For One Colour

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We’re fans of the monochromatic outfit here at D’Marge. It’s minimalist and modern, and impossible to beat when it comes to packing easily for a trip (or dressing in the morning when you’re bleary eyed and hungover from impromptu Tuesday night drinks).

But there’s no reason to keep the single-colour look confined to your closet. A monochromatic aesthetic can work equally well in the home.

The popularity of Scandinavian interior design catapulted monochrome into the spotlight. The Scandi style embraces white and grey spaces, with pops of black or brown thrown in for good measure. It’s a cohesive and sophisticated look, but to some it comes off as stark.


Fortunately, if you fancy yourself more of a maximalist, you’re not limited to neutral colours in monochromatic rooms. It’s an anything-goes colour scheme provided you’re bold enough to pull it off.

A few tips for getting it right:

  • Use the same palette, but not the same shade. Incorporating variations on your base colour is a more interesting and more refined take on monochrome.
  • Inject texture. The way to keep a single-colour scheme from getting stale is to play with patterns and materials. Try a plush rug, a leather sofa, or glossy paint on the walls.
  • Don’t be afraid to contrast. Yes, even a monochrome room can benefit from the occasional dash of something different. That dash thwarts boredom while simultaneously emphasising the single-coloured-ness of the rest of the room.

Take a gander at our gallery of monochromatic rooms for inspiration, then read our guide to putting the monochrome magic into action here.


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