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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #115

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1 of 6|Koenigsegg Concept Motorcycle
2 of 6|Adam Savage Tactical NERF Rifle
3 of 6|High Snobiety x Boom-Art Floral Boards
4 of 6|Mies Visits Carrara Daybed
5 of 6|Cafe X Coffee Robot
6 of 6|Midnight Scoop

Want not need. That’s the moral responsibility of Shut Up & Take My Money, your weekly wrap of all things that men envy in this life. Make it rain.

#1 Koenigsegg Concept Motorcycle

The Swedish carmaker may have a decent grasp on how to build some of the world’s fastest cars but building bikes is whole new ball game. Thankfully there are things called concepts and this particular example by Moscow-based designer, Maxim Burov, is taking the interwebs by storm. Borrowing inspiration from the vintage lines of cafe racers, the Koenigsegg motorcycle features the carmaker’s beautiful hallmark appointments including a quilted leather seat, Swedish blue springs offset by a choice of lava gold or yellow fairings alongside some of the cleanest lines to ever grace a bike. You can’t buy it because it doesn’t exist. Yet.



#2 Adam Savage Tactical NERF Rifle

Forget what you know about NERF guns. With the adult market continually ignored by the toy gun maker, Mythbuster’s Adam Savage took it in his own stride to create his own military-inspired rifle. From the modified shell the NERF gun looks pretty serious but upon closer inspection the mechanism itself is unmodified, firing the foam darts that the company intended. Still, Savage’s version looks pretty bad ass with heaps of money, time and resources poured in. Watch the video to see how it’s done.


#3 High Snobiety x Boom-Art Floral Boards

Not all surfboards were created for action amongst the waves. When High Snobiety teamed up with French brand Boom-Art last year, the result was something to truly treasure in the pool room. Inspired by the beautiful floral artwork of Dutch painter Abraham Mignon (1640-1679), the surfboards themselves feature Mignon’s signature flower bouquets emblazoned across the matte black double concave twin fish boards. There’s also a bit of inspiration taken from surfer Steve Liz in the boards’ shape. Quality assurance is guaranteed with a certificate of manufacture included in the sale alongside fins, carry case and wall display hooks.

BUY $4,060

#4 Mies Visits Carrara Daybed

If you’re going to day bed, do it in style and elegance. The Mies Visits Carrara Daybed is a illusional masterpiece designed by Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman for Baleri Italia. It looks like a slab of marble but is in actual fact polyurethane foam padding wrapped around a metal structure. Upholstery is also pretty plush with a silk and polyester blend mimicking the Carrara marble finish.

BUY $3,116

#5 Cafe X Coffee Robot

Skynet has arrived to take over your beans. Cafe X is an autonomous robot designed to make you the perfect blend of caffeine. It’s a serious piece of kit too with its engineering looked after by coffee machine company, WMF and robotics by Mitsubishi electric. Coffee orders are taken via touchscreen in the cafe or can be pre-ordered via an app. The first Coffee X is currently in operation at San Francisco but there’s no word on whether it will take over the world just yet. You’re safe for now coffee snobs.


BUY $3+

#6 Midnight Scoop

Aeronautical design and ice cream scoops don’t normally go together but in this case it’s an exception. The very sexy looking utensils were designed by Aerospace Engineer Michael Chou over an extensive amount of time. The goal? The perfect ice cream scoop. An ergonomic handle allows for ample push-through pressure with minimal resistance from the good stuff. The pointed tip also ensures that even hardened ice cream is no match for the midnight scoop. Material is also paramount so the Midnight Scoop opts for a solid piece of aerospace-grade aluminium as opposed to stainless steel. Four different finishes including chrome, graphite, gold and moonstone can be chosen.

BUY $35


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