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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #117

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Forget about the rent, mortgage or your kid’s school fees for a second. Instead think about all of the things that you could have bought with the simple cry of “Shut up and take my money”. That’s what this weekly wrap of gadgets and cool stuff for men is all about.

BMW Hoverbike

If you haven’t heard of BMW Motorrad recently then you would have missed some of the wildest concepts to come out of the Bavarian company’s motorcycle division. As part of their string of crazy ideas for the future that have garnered global attention comes one of their latest – the BMW Hover Ride Concept. The story of the hover bike is rather intriguing too. It came about through a past collaboration between the LEGO Group and BMW’s R 1200 GS motorcycle on a replica kit. LEGO’s motorcycle kit allowed builders to build a fictional hover bike with the same parts as a secondary option. BMW Motorrad liked the alternative option so much that they decided to build a real life replica of the LEGO Hover Bike. The result is what you see right here – a non-functioning static model (sad face) which will still looks badass in any man cave.



Fluttua Suspended Bed

Floating in your sleep need not apply to just your dreams. The Fluttua Suspended Bed was created to satisfy the most dedicated minimalist fiend with the illusion of a floating bed. The visually striking set up uses a central column as its main support beam and a reinforced anchorage structure that is fixed to the wall. Not only does this make it cool to look at, but it also affords the occupants a lot more storage space below. For an extra touch of art and functionality, the bed is also fitted with lights underneath.


Raptor 2 Electric Skateboard

The future has truly arrived with the latest electric skateboard from Raptor 2. The board made of carbon fibre and maple wood is powered by twin electric motors attached to the rear wheels which helps it climb to absurd speeds of 45km/h with a 40km range. The modular structure also means it’s easy to repair and service whilst those who aren’t into skating can simply hang it on their trophy wall.

BUY $1,719

Faz Daybed By Vondom

Not all day beds are created equal. Some go beyond their purpose by providing occupants with an experience that’s more on par with a hyperbaric chamber. That’s the idea behind the Faz Daybed by designer furniture maker, Vondom. The piece is made from 100% recyclable polyethylene which makes it highly resistant to heat, cold and UV rays. Cushions meanwhile are sorted with woven polyester to ensure they stand the test of time outdoors. Need some personal entertainment with a bit of flair? Faz also comes with a ‘Sunbrella’ canopy, a 150W Bluetooth sound system and illuminating LED lights to make it the ultimate outdoor furniture piece.

BUY $9,500

Hoversurf Scorpion 3 Hoverbike

We may have disappointed you with a non-working hover bike earlier but we knew we’d redeem ourselves with this one. Scorpion 3 is a fully functioning prototype which utilises four electric motors to generate lift and propulsion. A pilot simply rides the craft like they would a motorbike albeit with some variations in control. You can’t buy one yet but it should only be a matter of time given the progress from the video below.



Snapchat Glasses

Brace yourselves feral Snapchatters. Snapchat have begun rolling out their own Spectacles which have been sold out ever since they were pre-released in specific locations. The glasses allow users to record 10 second clips at the touch of a button via their own perspective before wirelessly uploading to your Snapchat account. A light on the frame alerts others that you’re live whilst the case also acts as a charger to ensure you’ll rarely miss out on any action. The glasses come in a range of colours including black, teal and coral colours hues.

BUY $130


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