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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #118

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1 of 6|Lazareth Cafe Racer
2 of 6|Sony Xperia Touch
3 of 6|Seiko x Nano Universe Steve Jobs Watch
4 of 6|Solar Paper
5 of 6|CROZ DIY Digital Camera
6 of 6|Mike Tyson Ferrari F50

Get your wallets out and sell your organs. It’s time for another week of Shut Up & Take My Money, the only destination to blow wads of cash you don’t have on pointlessly awesome things. It’s the way of the Magnificent Bastard.

Lazareth Cafe Racer

Step into the future with a wild take on the Yamaha R1 chassis in the form of Lazareth’s Cafe Racer as seen in the film, Babylon A.D. Since then the Frenchman behind the build has continued to evolve the bike, turning it into Ludovic Lazareth’s own personal cafe racer without the limitations of the director or budget. What you see before you is a 1999 Yamaha YZF R1 adorned with carbon fibre fairings, re-engineered handles and strut points and a shortened rear which makes way for an extended exhaust complete with LED lights. It’ll be the most unique machine you’ve ever had between your legs. Don’t answer that.

BUY $53,000

Sony Xperia Touch

This is not your ordinary school room projector. Sony has turned the conventional device into an interactive screen which can be beamed onto any surface that is flat. Think walls, tables and possibly even water if it’s still enough. The 32GB device can also be used as a digital message board much like a smartphone screen only you choose the screen. It’s a perfect accompaniment to those who need their attention to be in multiple places at once. The Xperia Touch also comes with Wi-Fi, bluetooth, built-in speakers and NFC capabilities alongside Android N software and a 13MP camera.


Seiko x Nano Universe Steve Jobs Watch

Long before the Apple Watch was invented, Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs was rocking an analogue Seiko watch. That watch which would normally retail for a humbling $25 on eBay would eventually sell for $42,000. The reason? It was Steve Job’s watch which was worn in the iconic Norman Seeff portrait which would later appear on the cover of Time magazine. In 2017 Seiko have teamed up with Japanese fashion retailer Nano Universe to revive that very same minimalist Quartz watch. The watch will come in two dial colours, the white one worn by Jobs and a black dial. There will also be two case diameters at 33mm (original Jobs version) and 37.5mm for those with bigger wrists. Want in? You’ll need help. The timepieces will only be sold in Japan with a limited run of 1,982 pieces in each size for the white face and 300 pieces of each size for the black face. Get moving.

BUY $200

Solar Paper

Forget carrying around that battery pack to charge your devices. Mother Nature deserves a break and you can give it to her by harnessing the power of the sun. Solar Paper is conveniently thin to carry and folds out to reveal a series of solar panels which can juice up your phone wherever there’s daylight. It also helps that the device is the world’s smallest and thinnest solar charger, coming in around the size of an iPhone 6 with half the thickness. The sun itself can provide up to 5V and 500mA per panel making for quick charges when you need it most.

BUY $135-$400

CROZ DIY Digital Camera

Take away all of the fancy packaging of a modern digital camera and what you’re left with is a ridiculously thin camera called the CROZ DIY Digital Camera. We know, you’ve got an iPhone for that. But even looking at the transparent case is enough to turn this device into any interior designer’s wet gadget dream (even we don’t know what that means). What we do know is that there’s a direct viewfinder, multifunction power and shoot button, and a slider toggle to select photo effects. Wide angle and fish eye lenses are included in the package whilst those who want to customise the CROZ can do so by simply removing the brass screws and changing up the accessories that can be bought from the manufacturer.

BUY $140

Mike Tyson Ferrari F50

The champ’s former Ferrari F50 is going on sale. This is number 73 of 350 examples ever built and has been especially looked after, racking up just under 10,000km. Let’s hope it doesn’t come with an ear.

BUY $2.2M




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