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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #116

Well would you look at that. Valentine’s Day has happened to fall on a more important day – Shut Up & Take My Money day. You know what to do. When tacky displays of love and affection just don’t cut it anymore, it’s time to send this list of near-unobtainable goodies to your significant other. Money time.

Velocifero MAD


Don’t scooter around town like the average man. Go off-road with the shock-equipped Velocifero MAD, the quintessential electric scooter on steroids. The ride will have no issues kicking up some serious dirt thanks to its oversized tyres whilst a wavy wooden deck sitting high above the ground helps keep the rider safe. There’s also a choice of motors to ensure a top speed of up to 40km/h. A 32km range is possible with an optional lithium battery. And just like a traditional scooter, it also folds down flat for easy storage.

BUY $899

Restored Fire Lookouts


Looking for a place to stay the night to brave the cold? Look no further than these faithfully restored fire lookouts located across the greatest forests in America. Initially created as warning systems before technology came about, the lookouts have since been abandoned and then restored as safe houses for trekkers. Not sure how “safe” exactly an abandoned lookout is in the middle of nowhere but hey, it sure beats sleeping amongst the bears. One of these lookouts, the Park Butte Lookout, is maintained by the Skagit Alpine Club and available on a first come first serve basis. There’s a donation area which allows users to pay what they can for using the space.


JBL Pulse 2


Kick off your summer party in style with the latest Bluetooth speaker offering from JBL. It might look gimmicky at first with its flashy lights but make no mistake this unit is powered and tuned by the sound boffins at Harman down to a tee. With serious bass coming from the twin mini-subs, the middle bar portion is left with the high fidelity work and it makes a delightful job of it. With near zero distortion across the volume range, crisp sounds and an LED panel which mimics the music being played, the JBL Pulse 2 is a perfect companion whether it be by the bedside or poolside. Water resistances and 10 hours of play time also comes as standard.

BUY $299

 PowerUp FPV


Can’t afford one of the latest drones going around? Make your own paper one with the help of PowerUp FPV. Based on a VR setup, all the user needs is to fold a paper plane whilst the rest of the electronics fit onto it to give continuous flight for up to 10 minutes at up to 30km/h. Simply use your smartphone with the accompanying app and head mount display and you’ll have a bird-eye-view experience of the plane you’re controlling. The device is compatitble with both iOS and Android devices. If you crash it, fold a new plane and salvage what parts you can.

BUY $199


Casio have released their first ever smartwatch and it looks to be one of their most versatile pieces to date. Built to withstand the rugged environments, the Casio WSD-F20 comes crammed with some serious features which includes a low-powered GPS and a map download function which doesn’t need cellphone connectivity. On the hardware front it boasts 50 metres water resistance, military spec construction, a compass, pressure sensors and a full day’s battery life running all the bells and whistles. In time only mode it can stay kicking for over a month before it needs a charge. Bluetooth comes standard in the unit as does iOs and Android compatibility.


Donut Balloon by Octavian Mielu


Add a touch of contemporary melancholy with this portrait of a fleeting neon donut parting ways with a neon Homer Simpson. What can we say other than it’s a pretty cool design by Octavian Mielu. The print is printed on heavyweight Fine Art paper using archival Ultrachrome K3 inks. Authenticity is guaranteed with manually numbered, signed and embossed pieces. A black wooden frame also comes part of the package.

BUY $20




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