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Dive Into The Best Images Of The Underwater Photographer Of The Year Contest

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1 of 30|Underwater Photographer Of The Year: Dancing Octopus, by Gabriel Barathieu
2 of 30|British Underwater Photographer of the Year: Out of the Blue, by Nick Blake
3 of 30|Up-and-coming Underwater Photographer of the Year: By Horacio Martinez
4 of 30|Most Promising Underwater Photographer Of The Year: Orca Pod, by Nicholai Georgiou
5 of 30|Commended, Portrait: Green Turtles in the Rays by Greg Lecoeur
6 of 30|Runner-up, British Waters Wide Angle: Competition, by Richard Shucksmith
7 of 30|Runner-up, Wrecks: By Andrey Narchuk
8 of 30|Commended, Macro: Larval Lionfish by Steven Kovacs
9 of 30|Commended, Up and Coming: By Lena Remy
10 of 30|Highly commended, wide angle: Prince of the Waters, by Yannick Gouguenheim
11 of 30|Commended, Up and Coming: By Patryk Pinski
12 of 30|Commended, Wide Angle: By Anatoli Myshlyaev
13 of 30|Commended, Portrait: By Francis Pérez
14 of 30|Highly Commended, Portrait: Imp of Darkness, by Damien Mauric
15 of 30|Highly Commended, Behaviour: By Greg Lecouer
16 of 30|Winner, Behaviour: Your Home and My Home, by Qing Lin
17 of 30|Commended, Macro: Nudi Art, by Katherine Lu
18 of 30|Highly Commended, British Waters Macro: By Trevor Rees
19 of 30|Winner, Wide Angle: One in a Million, by Ron Watkins
20 of 30|Commended, Up and Coming: Whale Calf Posing, by Christophe Lapeze
21 of 30|Commended, Wrecks: Last Flight, by Steve Jones
22 of 30|Winner, Macro: Prey? by So Yat Wai
23 of 30|Winner, Wrecks: The Wreck of the Louilla at Sunset, by Csaba Tökölyi
24 of 30|Highly Commended, Macro: Paddle Flap Rhinopias, by John Parker
25 of 30|Highly Commended, Macro: Backlight Shrimp, by Fábio Freitas
26 of 30|Commended, British Waters Wide Angle: Can I help you?, by Ellen Cuylaerts
27 of 30|Highly Commended, Wide Angle: Frozen Hunting, by Fabrice Guerin
28 of 30|Highly Commended, Wrecks: The Haunted Room, by Nadya Kulagina
29 of 30|Commended, Behaviour: The Contenders, by Simone Caprodossi
30 of 30|Runner-up, Macro: By Jenny Strömvoll

Photography helps us see our planet (and beyond) in a whole new way. Here at D’Marge, we’ve marveled at the world’s incredible wildlife, pondered the mysteries of the galaxy, and gazed at our favourite cities from space.

Our next photographic adventure takes us into territory normally only seen by scuba divers. The Underwater Photographer of the Year contest has announced the winners for 2017, giving us a rare peek at how sea creatures hunt, swim, and play below the surface.

French diver Gabriel Barathieu scooped up the top prize for his photo Dancing Octopus. The image captures the graceful cephalopod in a lagoon in Mayotte, off the south-east coast of Africa. Judge Alex Mustard called it “both balletic and malevolent.”

“This image shows that the octopus means business as it hunts in a shallow lagoon,” Mustard said. “The way it moves is so different from any predator on land, this truly could be an alien from another world. A truly memorable creature, beautifully photographed.

Judge Peter Rowlands praised its “vibrant contrasting colours, detailed delicate textures” and “perfect pose.”

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The year’s other big winners are Nick Blake (who took British Underwater Photographer of the Year for his image Out of the Blue), Horacio Martinez (who won Up-And-Coming Underwater Photographer of the Year for Oceanic in the Sky), and Nicholao Georgiou (who scored Most Promising British Underwater Photographer of the Year for Orca Pod).

Winners and runners up were also announced in a variety of categories, including Macro, Wrecks, Behaviour, Wide Angle, and Portrait. You’ll find a selection of the best above and all winners of the 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year competition here.




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