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Watch Hugh Jackman Transform From Nice Guy To Wolverine

In the world of show business everyone understands that it’s all just one giant act. What most don’t see is the amount of work, gesticulation and general exhaustion that goes into making an epic action scene for the final climax. Namely the climax for Marvel’s latest winner, Logan. 

Well Hugh Jackman did the world a favour yesterday when he posted a behind the scenes clip on his Instagram which shows the ADR process for turning himself into the world’s favourite savage known as Wolverine.

The post-production audio work takes place in a quaint Burbank studio with the actor standing inside a room by himself. It’s quite intriguing and funny to watch as Jackman in a pair of headphones begins to mimic the actions and noises in front of a big screen as he plays out the crucial scene.

Hi. @wponx @20thcenturyfox

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And after about thirty seconds of fine acting on Jackman’s behalf, Wolverine’s animalistic expression returns back to the nice guy Jackman that the world knows. He acknowledges them with a puff before saying, “Hi”.

Someone give this man an Oscar.


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