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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [06.03.17]

Forget about those pile of documents piling up in the in-tray for a moment. In fact forget about them for the whole day. We’re back with another edition of the world’s most pointlessly interesting facts for men to keep those Monday blues at bay.

Celebrities Who Lived Double Lives


Ever wondered which celebrities also moonlight for a living or were something entirely different before they became famous? Ponder no more. Offscreen, these celebrities shined for very different reasons.

Dolph Lungren: The famous 80s action star received his breakout role in Rocky as the Russian giant known as Ivan Drago. Before this though Lundgren was an academic star and chemical engineer who moonlighted as a bouncer.
Vin Diesel: He may be all brawn in the films he stars in but Diesel is actually an avid Dungeons & Dragons fan. In the latest xXx instalment Diesel had the word “Melkor” tattooed across his chest. This was in reference to the character he uses in the game in real life.
Scarlett Johansson: Not satisfied with the label of being this generation’s sex symbol along with some stellar roles under her belt, Johansson recently opened her very own gourmet popcorn shop in Paris called Yummy Pop.
Ken Jeong: He’ll universally be known as the naked Asian guy who jumped out of a car boot before rubbing up against Bradley Cooper. Before this crowning moment that defied cinematic logic, he was know as Dr. Ken Jeong, a licensed specialist in internal medicine.
James Franco: When Franco isn’t stoned off his face making movies, he can be found teaching film classes at New York University, University of California, Los Angeles, and Columbia University.

Where Common Junk Food Was Invented


Most of us scoff it down without so much as a second thought. Everything had to originate somewhere though so we went along to find out how and when certain junk foods were created. Interesting to say the least.

Popcorn: The very first remnants of popcorn were discovered in a bat cave in central New Mexico. Historians believe the corn is about 5,600 years old where they were buried within the tombs in Peru. And yes, they still pop after that long.
Ice Cream: The west may have perfected it but ice cream was actually invented in China during 618-97AD. In the early days King Tang of Shang employed 94 ice men to help make the very first batch of ice cream which comprised of buffalo milk, flour and camphor. Modern ice cream eventually made its debut in 200 BC when a milk and rice mixture was frozen by burying it into snow.
Hot Chips (French Fries): Both the French and the Belgians claim that the French Fry originated from their own respective countries. Both the Belgians and the French have documented that the frying of potatoes first appeared during the late 1700s.Commercialising of the French Fry however didn’t happen until the 1940s when Ray Croc of McDonalds came along.
Soda: Carbonated drinks began gaining popularity in 1832 but it wasn’t the first time the world was introduced to this junk food staple. The first ever recorded carbonated drink was created by a man named Philip Syng Physick way back in 1807.

Why Happy Music Makes You Do Stupid Things


Music has long held a place in the human psyche as a tool to enforce emotions.

But now researchers have stumbled on something even more surprising. Going against the grain that angry music often fosters violence and hatred in people, psychologists at the University of Queensland are arguing that the music may in actual fact be soothing the angry urges of humans.

The study conducted involved asking a subject to talk about an event which involved a friend or colleague that made them angry. This coincided with the playing of hardcore metal music but rather than wanting to kill someone, subjects reported that they felt far more positive emotions afterwards when compared to those who sat in silence.

“Listening to extreme music may represent a healthy way of processing anger for these listeners,” said Genevieve Dingle, the study’s researcher.

When it comes to happy music though, Dingle believes the outcome is reversed.

“Music can create a feeling of group cohesion and agreement,” she says. “When people do things together they are more likely to agree with each other too. This leads to something called groupthink, where there can be a deterioration in moral judgement.”

Anyone know what Donald Trump listens to before bed? Exactly.

Innocent Words That Mean Something Else Overseas


So you’re a man of the world and consider yourself cultured. Little did you know that you decided to mix English with your dodgy control over [insert language] that you could be saying something completely different. Watch your words carefully and behold.

Kiss: ‘Piss’ in Swedish
Bite: ‘Penis’ in French
Speed: ‘Fart’ in Swedish
Gift: ‘Poison’ in German
Salsa: ‘Diarrhoea’ in Korean
Peach: ‘Bastard’ in Turkish
Pick: ‘Dick’ in Norwegian
Preservative: ‘Condom’ in French


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