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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [13.03.17]

Feeling down about the demise of yet another weekend? Let this week’s pointless and awesome facts for men be your knight in shining literature.

It’s a special edition today which has its crosshairs fixed solely on health and lifestyle issues that often baffle the mind of man. From sitting in the office all day long to questionable porn habits to odd dating apps, these are the best spurts of fodder you’ve always wondered about but never gave a toss to ask.

How Bad Is It To Stay Inside All Day?



Picture this. You arrive at your desk at a poignant 8am with the sun just breaking through. You’ve brought lunch from home today so that means sitting it out through your desk under the warm glow of fluorescents. Eight hours on and little has changed until it’s time to call it a day as you step out into the darkness of night to make your way home.

Pop quiz hotshot: Is staying indoors from dawn til dusk even healthy for you? For one day, no problems. Doing it for extended periods of time may be an issue though, according to Time.

The risk from losing exposure to natural light can affect things such as the production of vitamin D, something the body needs to help regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. As well as this, sunlight also aids in keeping the internal body clock in check, a reason why people get jetlagged after a flight or fluctuating energy levels.

Getting outdoors also helps alleviate symptoms of depression with studies indicating that people who walked, ran, or biked outdoors had a lower risk of poor mental health than those who conduct their activity purely indoors at a gym or home.

Conclusion: Cash me ousside.

Your Porn Habit Likely Isn’t An Addiction


According to modern science, there are three rankings when it comes to the average porn consumer: Recreational, Compulsive and Highly Distressed Non-Compulsive.

A recent study on internet porn by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 75.5% of 830 adult subjects fell squarely into the Recreational category. This equates to an average porn intake of 24 minutes per week – a perfectly healthy intake, according to the experts.


So if your porn intake exceeds this, you might fall more into the Compulsive camp. According to another study, those who are deemed out of control or addicted to internet porn are usually those who have a religiously or morally sketchy relationship with sex.

Now pick your camp.

Weirdest Dating Apps Available Right Now


You’ve done the Bumble, the Tinder tango, the Coffee Meets Donut and whatnot. But these are some of the dating apps that you likely wouldn’t have heard of (and don’t want to). Weird dating apps coming at you.

Wingman: Perfect for nomads and jetsetters. This app works by using the in-flight Wi-Fi to connect you to that hottie you spotted up in Business Class. If they’ve got the app on their phone, it could be your chance to join the mile high club with just a few taps and a short message.
Tindog: This is one for the dog lovers. No ,not like that. The app encourages users to upload pics with them and their pet before asking for details such as their breed, age and personality alongside your own bio. If another dog lover with a pet feels the same way, you’ll have a doggy match and can go on long walks on the beach. With both of your dogs.
Sizzl: For those who love bacon. Need we say more.
Hindur: Raising two middle fingers to modern romance, Hindur is based on the Hindu principle of arranged marriage. Basically, swipe once on  a potential lover and you’re married. Definitely not one for the commitment phobe.
Bristlr: This one’s for lovers and owners of facial hair. Because every hairy situation is a good one.

Why You Don’t Feel Sleepy The Moment You Go To Bed


We’ve all been there. Fallen asleep in front of Netflix, in a meeting or rushing out some last minute work. The moment it comes time to go to bed? You’re wide awake like that stunned emoji guy.

We’re not joking but that’s actually a condition called ‘conditioned’ or more specifically, learned arousal, according to sleep-medicine specialist Philip Gehrman. It’s a common sleeping problem which strikes many and experts believe it’s because your sleep environment has triggered something in your brain, telling it to wake up instead of go the hell to sleep.

“If someone is a good sleeper, then each night they probably get in bed and fall asleep. So when they get into bed it triggers this auto response of sleepiness,” Gehrman told TIME.

“But if you spend night after night tossing and turning not being able to fall asleep, then your body associates that with your bed instead.”


If you’re a serial laptop user before bed than this will cause your brain to think that the bed is a place for work rather than sleep.

No news on what your brain thinks if you like to snack in bed before sleep.

Why You Get Sick When You Don’t Sleep


It’s pretty much a proven fact that sleep deprivation can bring on the man flu but if you’ve ever wondered why then this is the answer.

Nathaniel Watson who is a neurologist and sleep specialist at the University of Washington School of Medicine explained to The Huffington Post that sleeping poorly will often block specific genetic processes in the cells that make up your immune system. These are the cells that are responsible for fighting off infections and disease.

“Your immune system is not functioning the way it was meant to when you’re sleep deprived,” says Watson.

In other words, forget about the damn apple and get yourself into bed.

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