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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [20.03.17]

Procrastinate the right way with some of the world’s most interesting facts and stories that will serve you absolutely no use in life.

There’s a time to work and there’s a time to procrastinate. Today we’re helping you power through the latter with some of the world’s most interesting stories that will serve you absolutely no use, except maybe for a stint of drunken banter with that cutie at the bar.

Kick back and close that Excel sheet. It’s time to educate yourself before you wreck yourself.

Hits That Came Out 20 Years Ago In 2017

Guess what? You’re getting old. As proof of that we’ve compiled a list of songs below which came out in 1997 and took the world by storm…20 years ago. Indeed 1997 was a time of transition with music stuck in that decade taking stabs at what the future was going to be like. And let’s just say it involved a lot of good, bad and ridiculously annoying pop.

Third Eye Blind  – Semi-Charmed Life

Puff Daddy – I’ll Be Missing You

Backstreet Boys – Everybody

Robbie Williams – Angel

Savage Garden – To The Moon And Back

Things You Didn’t Know There Was An App For


And you thought Tinder was a load of crap after a few dodgy dates. In the world of smartphones you have entrepreneurs clamouring for a slice of the fortune with money making apps from flapping birds to imaginary monsters. And then you have these completely pointless apps.

Melon Meter: Ever walked into your local to buy a watermelon and then hesitated because you don’t know how ripe it is? Melon Meter is here to save the day. Melon Meter doesn’t say how but apparently it uses a smartphone running iOS software to detect the internal state of a watermelon. The alternative of course is to just give the melon a flick and listen for that nice hollowed out noise.

RunPee: Don’t be deterred by the name as this app is both outlandish and useful. RunPee lets users know when the best time to take a leak during a movie is. That is, it has info on the current movies playing in theatres with the addition of other users who outline parts in the film which don’t involve crucial plot twists, action or must-see comedic moments. Pee times are designated to 3-5 minutes and users are notified the right time by quotes taken from the film. As in: “Luke, I am your father…” and pee time.

iNap@Work: Dozing off on the job may be one sure-fire way to get fired but now there’s an app that can help those who work in cubicles with obstructed views do the deed without getting caught. iNap@Work will make working noises for you including the sound of keyboards tapping, mouse clicking, papers being stapled, paper cutting and an actual person clearing their throat. All the while you’re in a deep and cosy slumber whilst your co-workers toil away. Fools. The app also comes with a timer to wake you up right before knock-off time.

Lick This: It’s exactly as it sounds. Lick This teaches you how to go down on a woman and master the ways of oral sex. Interactive exercises encourage users to contort their tongues in ways that make it stronger whilst increasing flexibility and stamina. As an example of one exercise the app uses a light switch game which encourages the user to flick it on and off as fast as possible. Then there’s a circular exercise which which involves rotating a pencil in in a sharpener as fast as possible. Users can opt to practice on either their phone screen or their partner. If you’re partaking in the former may we recommend disinfecting the phone afterwards. And then burning it.

Watching Cute Girl: We’ve left the creepiest till last. Made for the loneliest of the lonely, Watching Cute Girl is a Japanese app which also comes in English. It’s basically a real ‘cute girl’ who watches you, blinks, and occasionally drops a compliment or virtual hug. So anytime you need a date for dinner, just put the phone on a kickstand opposite you and voila – instant date.

Companies That Started In A Garage


All big brands started somewhere so we’ve taken the time and liberty to identify some of those who started life and business out of a garage (or home).

Apple: The most famous of them all, Apple was conceived out of Steve Jobs’ parents’ Californian house. Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne created the first Macintosh in 1976.

Disney: Walt and Roy Disney kicked off their film projects in their uncle’s garage in 1923.

HP: The computing giant was the brainchild of friends Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The pair founded the company in Packard’s garage in 1939 wit US$538.

Amazon: One of the world’s largest online marketplaces actually began life as an online bookstore in 1994. Jeff Bezos created the website out of his Washington garage and sold his first book in July 1995.

Organs Your Body Can Live Without

stus-toothEver heard of those harrowing stories of survival and wondered, “Gee, I wonder what body parts I can live without?” Well wonder no more. Besides a few side effects such as lowered immune system and some trouble digesting fatty foods, you’ll live a rather normal life.

  • appendix
  • tonsils
  • spleen
  • gallbladder
  • pancreas
  • portions of your liver (pieces can be removed and it will regenerate)
  • portions of your small or large intestines
  • both lungs (one is needed)
  • both kidneys (one is needed)
  • uterus
  • testes
  • ovaries


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