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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #119

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1 of 6|Forpheus Ping Pong Robot
2 of 6|Moonshot VS.001 Basketball
3 of 6|Shinola Wall Clock
4 of 6|The Macallan x Urwerk Flask 2
5 of 6|Deus Ex Machina Sherpa Surfboard
6 of 6|Patagonia Sleeping Bag

It’s time to get your tech head on with this week’s edition of Shut Up & Take My Money, the place where we get men to spend prodigious amounts of cash they don’t have.

Forget about life insurance for a second a have a peruse instead at the Forpheus Robotic Ping Pong opponent, watchmaker Urwerk’s latest flask, Shinola’s cool new wall clock and the epic Moonshot basketball featuring a chrome fade finish to mimic the moon.

Forpheus Robotic Ping Pong Player

Forget about a human opponent. The future will be fought over against machines just like in Terminator. If said Terminator wielded a ping pong racquet and knew your next move. Forpheus is exactly that, an A.I machine which uses vision and motion sensors to determine the ball’s location 80 times per second. The goal? To return the ball. Now imagine if that racquet was replaced by an automatic rifle. That’s right. Run, fools.


The Macallan & Urwerk Flask 2

When one of the world’s most elaborate watchmakers teams up with one of the world’s most coveted whisky makers, the Macallan x Urwerk Flask 2 is the result. The beautifully crafted flask is made up of 156 pieces and five main components to make one seriously robust unit that comprises of two tanks. The flask even comes with indicators which proudly displays the age of the whisky. See the video below to see how it works.

BUY $2,447

Deus Ex Machina Sherpa Surfboard

Cafe racers and surfboards go hand-in-hand so it’s only fitting that Deus Ex Machina teamed up with surfing icons Bob McTavish and Harrison Roach. The result is a surfboard designed to take on most conditions in the Deus Ex Machina Sherpa Surfboard. It comes in various lengths to suit any boarder or can look just as cool hanging off the side of a cafe racer or your loungeroom wall.

BUY $1,100

Shinola Wall Clock

Exude classic American tones of timekeeping with Shinola’s latest wall clock made in collaboration with General Electric. With parts sourced from specialist suppliers from around the world before arriving in Detroit, the completed unit reflects Shinola’s classic Runwell watch. This includes a matte white dial complete with raised numerals, luminous hands and a domed glass. Money time.

BUY $395

Moonshot VS.001 Basketball

Ball like a true baller with the MOONSHOT VS.001 limited edition basketball which wears an intricately finished half phase silver deposit process to mimic the the colours of a space shuttle’s hue upon re-entry into the atmosphere. Probably a good idea not to use this one on the courts. A laser etched acrylic stand is also part of the package.

BUY $333

Patagonia Sleeping Bag

Sleep snug in Patagonia’s first ever sleeping bag inspired by Yvon Chouinard’s mummy sleeping bag. In true Patagonia form it’s stuffed with down technology to offer unprecedented levels of warmth and protection against Mother Nature’s worst. There are two versions of the sleeping bags which come in various sizes and temperature ratings. Pick your saviour.

BUY From $319




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