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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #120

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1 of 6|Airbus Pop.Up Flying Vehicle Concept
2 of 6|Palmer Johnson x Bugatti Niniette 66 Yacht
3 of 6|BajaBoard
4 of 6|Under Armor Headphones + Wireless Heart Rate
5 of 6|Mosevic Denim Eyewear
6 of 6|Carlsberg Father Of Quality Lager

Shut Up & Take My Money isn’t always about the latest whizz-bang gadgets. We like to see tech as a gateway to a lifestyle whether that be travel, adventure or just damn good beats.

From flying cars to a Bugatti boat, these are your week’s finest money grabbers.

Airbus Pop.Up Flying Vehicle Concept

This particular piece of kit from Airbus was intentionally left out of our hottest cars of Geneva wrap simply because it’s a non-existing car. As a concept though it certainly has people talking whilst ticking most of the boxes as a means of future mobility. The Airbus Pop.Up is essentially a modular flying car which can alternate between land and air modules with universal pods. These pods are controlled using an app whilst its effectiveness in mega cities can be justified with intended use on trains and Elon Musk’s Hyperloop – if it ever comes to fruition.



Palmer Johnson x Bugatti Niniette 66 Yacht

Can’t afford a Bugatti supercar? You probably can’t afford the Bugatti yacht too. Drawing inspiration from the French car maker’s Chiron hypercar, the Palmer Johnson x Bugatti Niniette 66 Yacht is a 20 metre watercraft decked out in extravagance. What luxuries does $2.2 million afford you? A lounge area, jacuzzi, champagne bar, bathroom, kitchen, master bedroom and wait for it…a fire pit. On a boat. From such an extensive list one wouldn’t expect the Niniette 66 to move very quick, but it doesn’t wear the Bugatti name for nothing. The yacht is powered by a V8 engine and can hit a solid 48 knots. That’s 88km/h for all you land dwellers.



Skateboarders have long been confined to the environments of the concrete jungle. Well no more. BajaBoard is an off-road skateboard which brings with it some serious handling prowess and a load of today’s tech. Most noticeable is the independent suspension on all four corners which allows for both jumps and easy navigation. It’s also powered by an electric motor which can make for some wild drifts and rolling at speeds of 50km/h. LED lighting also steps in to assist in night time commutes.

BUY $3,000

Under Armor Headphones + Wireless Heart Rate

The experts in audio have teamed up with one of the biggest players in sport to bring out an entirely new package in sports headphones. JBL and Under Armor’s latest UA Headphones + Wireless Heart Rate is designed for those who demand the most out of their workout audio devices. Besides the signature JBL noise, they also sport a built-in heart rate monitor which can spit out vital stats at the touch of a button. That means no looking down at your wrist of phone whilst you’re running. They’re also IPX 5 rated meaning they can withstand sweat and water.

BUY $379

Mosevic Denim Eyewear

Denim is a naturally tough and attractive fibre so why no one has used it to make sunglasses until now is beyond anyone’s guess. Thankfully Mosevic has come to the rescue with a range of beautifully handmade denim glasses hailing from the U.K. The unique process takes the precious denim before adding it to resin and applying it to moulds. Once cured the frames are removed and machined into their respective styles and brought along to be stone washed (just like real denim) to give uniquely distressed finish. Further hand finishing at the end ensures every pair of Mosevic is up to scratch.


BUY £139

Carlsberg Father Of Quality Lager

Danish beer company Carlsberg has gone old school with their latest re-brew of their original lager from 1883. The boffins in the Carlsberg lab used sophisticated techniques to extract the flavour from the original pure yeast (found in beer bottles in the company’s old cellars) developed at that very lab more than 100 years ago. As an icon that has been resurrected, Carlsberg now considers this the father of most modern day lager beers.



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