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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #121

Shut Up & Take My Money is all about spending copious amounts of dough on stuff you don’t need but certainly want.

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Forget about saving that paycheck for an investment property. Some men just want to watch the world burn and we’re one of them. Shut Up & Take My Money is all about spending copious amounts of dough on stuff you don’t need but certainly want.

Bell FCX-001 Helicopter

Before you get your knickers in a flurry of outrage, yes the Bell FCX-001 helicopter is a concept which you can’t buy. But it’s a damn good one at that and a definite look at the future of personal aviation. In other words start saving now. The FCX-001 sports some of the most striking lines to ever grace a helicopter body with five rotor blades that change shape to optimise performance and noise whilst a hybrid engine delivers seamless power and maintenance credentials. The controls have also been revamped with the mechanical controls making way for an augmented reality control system.



Pong Coffee Table

Get your guests talking with the re-release of the Pong table which now comes in a larger coffee table size to become the true centrepiece of any man cave. The table is essentially a real life representation of the iconic pixelated Atari game with two buttons controlling the Pong paddles whilst the ball (cube’s) movement is controlled via magnets under the surface Bringing Pong into the future is an LED scoreboard which also doubles as a clock when it’s time to pack up and turn the game into a real coffee table. If that’s not cool enough, the table can also stream music via Bluetooth and hosts four USB ports for charging duties. The Pong coffee table comes in four colours to choose from.


Samsung Frame TV

Art meets tech in Samsung’s latest effort to blur the lines between television and interior design. The Frame TV is their first example from this project, a television designed by Yves Béhar which looks just like a piece of art when it’s not turned on. Given this is just a teaser piece from the Korean giant, no details or specs have been released yet but expect it to be wafer thin whilst backed by Samsung’s new QLED technology and 4K. Helping accomplish the art frame look is a clear-coated “Invisible Connection cable” and over 100 frame styles to choose from.


Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

Keep the party going without needing to leave the comfort of your couch thanks to the Cooler Coffee Table. The unassuming little table is sleek to look at with a black glass tabletop but slide out the side drawer and there’s a refrigerated compartment fit for up to 24 bottles of your favourite beer. But that’s not where the magic stops. Sobro is also a smart table that comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity (for temperature control) and LED lighting to to play music and television audio through built-in speakers. And yes, there’s also USB ports to charge your devices.

BUY $500

MVP Heritage Leather Punching Bag

You might not box but you can certainly turn your man cave into a vintage gym with this MVP heritage leather punching bag. Heck we’re not even sure you’d want to punch it given how beautiful the piece looks hanging in the corner as an art piece rather than an enemy. The 100% cowhide leather features embossed logos on both sides while the ageing process should make this one of the most unique pieces in your home.

BUY $329


Victorinox VX Touring Collection

They’ve mastered the Swiss Army knife and now they’re taking their expertise to the luggage world with the VX Touring Collection. Given it wears the Victorinox name, it comes with all the bells and whistles needed to conquer any nomad’s itinerary. The lightweight construction from durable material also makes it easy to lug around on the whim. The collection comes with backpacks, duffels and carry-on bags to ensure all of your goods are accounted for.

BUY $150


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