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Stylish Attic Apartments That Will Make You Rethink Top Floor Living

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A spacious loft? A handsome cabin? That’s the easy side of real estate. Designers who truly want to knock socks off take on more challenging spaces – churches, caves, factories – and transform them into dream homes for the daring.

Attic apartments come with a unique set of obstacles. They may lack space or have low ceilings. They can be dark or drafty. They can feel utilitarian rather than cosy. But with thoughtful functionality and the right décor, these unusual top floor spaces can be converted into stylish residences worthy of the most sophisticated city mouse.

A few things to consider before moving in:


Low, slanted ceilings can contribute to the cosy effect of attic apartments, but they’ll feel stifling if the space doesn’t get enough light. Be sure there are sufficient windows and skylights to maximise the apartment’s openness. Neutral styling and minimal furnishing can also keep the space from feeling constricted.


Your attic dwelling should not look like it was meant to store broken furniture and out of season holiday decorations. It should be comfortable, inviting – like it was meant to be a home all along. Add warmth with plush and textured furnishings, and add personality with artwork and accessories.

Smart Styling

If you’re not blessed with a vast, loft-like space, you’ll need to get creative. Find ways to incorporate all the essentials – especially sufficient storage space – that are both functional and attractive. Any home, but especially a small one, should serve both your aesthetic and your practical needs simultaneously.

Featured Features

Don’t fight the natural features of attic living. Embrace oddly shaped corners, slanted ceilings, and visible beams. They’re not inconveniences – they’re character.

Check out the gallery above for chic attic apartments that are getting it right.




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