Fine Architectural Lines Adorn This Cool Tel Aviv Apartment

Tel Aviv in Israel isn’t one of the most well known hubs for cool interior design but every now and then an anomaly comes by to surprise the world.

This is a Tel Aviv man cave at its finest, featuring cues from Scandinavian design mixed in with subtle hints of Israeli art and furniture. Beyond that the space is predominantly monochrome, featuring black accents on a warm white canvas throughout.

This includes the lounge, dining area, hallways, outdoor area and entire upper floor including the bathrooms.

The use of natural light is also commendable here with generous openings merging nature with the fine floor art and designer lighting. The cool project which began life as a 1970s 150m2 apartment was completed by Architect Oshir Asaban in 2016.

Now who said too much black was a bad thing?

Have a peruse through the gallery for some interior inspiration.

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