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These Men’s Hairstyles Were The Coolest In April 2017

The men of stature who own this month’s best men’s hairstyles.

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1 of 6|Calvin Harris
2 of 6|Michael B. Jordan
3 of 6|Zachary Quinto
4 of 6|Rob Lowe
5 of 6|Miles Teller
6 of 6|Charlie Hunnam

Your unwanted hair might be an issue elsewhere on your body but when it comes to wearing your follicles with pride on your head, there’s only one place to get your inspiration from.

These are the men of stature who own this month’s best men’s hairstyles. From the curls to the fade to the slicked back option, there should be a style for any man out there looking to change up look. Yes, even you, thinning hair guy.

Calvin Harris joins the party this month alongside Michael B. Jordan, Zachary Quinto and partner, Brad Pitt Rob Lowe, Miles Teller and Charlie Hunnam.

And remember guys, it’s not how much product you put in your hair but how you use it. Keep it rugged and clean, you magnificent hairy bastard.

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