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A Converted Garage Gets New Life As A Handsome Modern Home

Think garage life is a backup plan? Think again. This converted garage in Sydney shows us just how good Plan A garage living can look.

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Consider the humble garage, an under-appreciated space that houses hoarder levels of junk (which you swear you’ll clean out someday so there’s room for your car) and has launched some of the world’s most famous bands and tech companies.

In the capable hands of the right architect, living in one isn’t a backup plan when college doesn’t work out and you move back in with your parents. Sam Crawford’s converted garage in Sydney shows us just how good Plan A garage living can look.

The long, narrow site in the heart of Darlinghurst was previously a commercial garage and is bounded by terrace houses on all sides. That unusual set-up necessitated intelligent planning to maximise sun penetration and flexible living. Heritage constraints further required the street-front room to retain its existing ceiling height, and the façade was similarly protected.

Sam Crawford Architects worked masterfully within those many restrictions to unveil a modern, masculine, and light-filled dwelling we would happily call home.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by tall, well-lit living space. Black steel, recycled brick, concrete, and timber form a palette that combines heavy durability with warmth, bridging the gap between the building’s industrial history and its new use. An internal courtyard provides abundant natural light and a welcome glimpse of green in an ultra-urban context.

While we’re fans of the entire space, we have to give a special shoutout to the kitchen. The concrete countertops are stunning, and we love the artsy look of the holes in the upper wood cabinets. It makes a statement while remaining sophisticated – which is how we’d sum up the entire home, now that we think about it.




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