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This Norwegian Cruise Ship Comes With A Ferrari Go-Kart Track

Race on road…at sea.

One hasn’t experienced excess until they can say that they’ve raced Ferrari go-karts atop of the world’s latest luxury cruise ship.

And would you look at that, just on cue the Norwegians have unveiled their latest behemoth in luxury cruising named, wait for it…Norwegian Joy. Disregard the fact that it sounds like a European brothel and you’re left with a 3,850 passenger cruise ship which is 3.6 times heavier than the Titanic. For the thinkers out there that’s 168,800 tonnes of floating steel. Norwegian Joy was built specifically to target the cashed-up Chinese and it certainly disappoint with a plethora of leisurely pursuits to embark on at sea.

The most outstanding (for us at least) includes a Ferrari Go-Kart track on the top deck which was created in partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. The zippy track includes straights, overpasses and heaps of figure eights to ensure ample overtaking opportunities for those involved. Leave the track and you’re into the sea. Okay, we made the latter part up.

Passengers who have forked out the cash for the more expensive cabins will receive a free pass to the Ferrari Go-Karts whilst all other will need to pay as per theme park ride.

Watch the video above of the massive ship being hauled out of its shed to reveal an actual track. That’s right – it’s no concept, people.


BYO banana peels.


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