Australia's Most Badass Pub Crawl Requires A Helicopter

You can't deny the appeal of a good country watering hole, particularly when reached by helicopter.

helicopter pub crawl
Fly high and drink up

Australia: a vast and sun-scorched nation that’s nearly impossible to fully explore by land, and almost certainly impossible to explore without proper refreshment. Fortunately, the fine folks of Pterodactyl Helicopters are here to solve both problems simultaneously – with a helicopter pub crawl.

Take in those words one more time. Helicopter. Pub. Crawl.

This decadent stroke of Aussie genius takes place in southeast Queensland, where microbreweries are booming. A day of flying and imbibing will transport you to five country pubs around the Scenic Rim, Ipswich and Lockyer Valley regions over the course of seven hours. You’ll grab a pint at each stop, plus lunch, and enjoy all the incredible views your beer-goggled eyes can handle.

Your guide for this adventure is Captain Mike Jarvis, a seasoned piloting pro with more than 30 years of flying under his belt. He’ll even pick you up from your house in the chopper if the site is suitable. Either way, he’ll guarantee you have a good time, pointing out all the notable sights and perhaps sweeping low enough to spot wallabies and kangaroos.

Jarvis told Bloomberg that he regularly switches up the list of pubs where passengers’ thirst is quenched. “The list is always changing because we want to showcase all the talented microbreweries that have popped up in the last couple of years,” he said. “Mates here are taking their beer very seriously these days—from the traditional to the experimental (think: carrot beer).”

If you’re not already sold on this as an ideal weekend activity, let the Pterodactyl Helicopters website speak for itself:

We Aussies have always had our priorities straight. In country towns across this wide brown land, one of the oldest buildings will almost certainly be the pub. As I said – priorities. In many places the pub will have been preceded only by the railway (thereby enabling us to get to the pub in the first place) and the bank (providing us with funds to buy the next round). And who doesn’t love a good country watering hole?

Hear, hear.

Our deepest gratitude to Mike and co. for coming up with the most innovative solution we’ve seen yet to the dilemma of selecting a designated driver.

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