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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [03.04.17]

Turn that Monday frown upside down. It’s time to hit up the most interesting facts for men this week.

It’s time to hit up the random worldly facts that will help turn that Monday frown upside down. Okay we’re exaggerating. You’ll just be amused but slightly more knowledgeable when it comes to banter time. Nonetheless if you’ve ever pondered why you’ve never witnessed a real cow tipping video, the week’s best April Fools jokes, weird places you can get and STD and who put pineapple on pizzas first, then you’re in the right place.

Urban Myths That Aren’t Real


Cow Tipping: If you’ve heard of drunk stories of people tipping over cows while they slept standing then you’ve been lied to. The Modern Farmer has debunked this as a myth saying that a shoulder to a standing cow doesn’t cause it to tip over. Physically it is possible but it’s not easy since the centre of gravity of a cow is low. Two people might be able to move the cow but once it wakes up, it will likely brace itself and lean back into the pushers. Need further proof? Try finding a cow tipping video on Youtube. Nothing.
Cracking knuckles causes Arthritis: So there’s actually no connection between cracking your knuckles and oesteoarthritis. One man who was up for debunking the challenge was Donald Unger who in 1998 conducted a research paper that revealed he had been cracking his knuckles in his left hand everyday for 60 years. His right hand was left untainted. The results showed that there was no difference between his hands and Unger went on to receive the 2009 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine for his findings.
Antibiotics kills viruses: Antibiotics kills bacteria. Common cold and flus are viruses which aren’t affected by antibiotic consumption.
Hair and fingernails grow after death: The only way hair and nails can grow is through the intake of food for nutrients and drives cellular processes. For a dead person, this isn’t possible since the body needs to create keratin to make hair and nails.
Humans only use 10% of their brains: False. Brain scans reveal that humans indeed use their entire brain. The human brain demands up to 20% of oxygen and glucose brought into the body so based on the theory of evolutions, researchers believe that the human brain couldn’t have evolved if more than half of it was useless.


The Week’s Best April Fools Jokes


It was a free for all over the weekend with April Fools day dropping in to fool ill-informed netizens around the world. From a feather covered McLaren to Pornhub announcing that it was sharing the videos you were watching onto your Facebook page once you logged on, these were the best pranks pulled from April 1st 2017.

McLaren’s advanced aerodynamic feather wrap

Pornhub announces automatic video share on your social media once you visit


Google Gnome


TAG Heuer


Lotus Helmets For Cats


Weird Places You Can Get An STD


Not a fan of sexually transmitted diseases? Well you better stay well away from these places which are known to harbour the nasty bugs according to Mindbodygreen.

  • Tanning beds: Herpes and genital warts
  •  Beards: Pubic lice, herpes, scabies
  • Kissing: Herpes
  • Dry humping: HPV, Molloscum Contagiosum, Syphilis, Herpes
  • Razors: HPV, herpes
  • Towels: Pubic lice, scabies, Molloscum Contagiosum, Trichomoniasis

Who Put Pineapples On Pizza First


Ah, the great pineapple on the pizza debate. Let us first start off by saying the Hawaiian pizza didn’t originate from Hawaii. According to most claims, Canadian Sam Panopoulos first invented the Hawaiian at the Satellite Restaurant in Canada in 1962. It was said that Panopoulos was experimenting with toppings and ended up with a ham, cheese and pineapple. The pizza eventually outgrew the town of Chatham and took the world by storm whilst pissing off legions of pizza traditionalists. So the next time you order a Hawaiian, perhaps ask for a…Canadian.


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