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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [18.04.17]

Stop perusing that Britannica bible from 1995 and get with our weekly wrap of interesting facts for the modern man.

Stop perusing that Britannica bible from 1995 and get with our weekly wrap of everything the modern man needs to know about his world today. It may save your life, it may save a baby seal, or it may do absolutely nothing as it lingers the depths of your cerebral wavelengths only to be regurgitated during whisky banter. Pointless and awesome facts – the way man intended.

Public Sex Spots Ranked


Your long weekend escapades may have faired up pretty well with a cruisey BBQ followed by a stint of sex on the grill. Wait, what? As far as public sex goes we suggest you refrain from doing the deed on a public hotplate and instead follow the example of a survey on 2,000 people who admitted to public sex instead. The findings ranked from highest to lowest where copulation occurred most amongst couples. FYI: Disinfect your work table regularly. Thanks, Daily Mail.


Park: 16.8%
Beach: 13%
Public Bathroom: 9.4%
Public Carpark/Parking Garage: 9.1%
Work: 7.0%
Dressing Room: 5.4%
Public Pool: 5.1%
Public Hiking Trail: 4.9%
Cinemas: 4.8%
Alleyway: 3.1%
Public Hot Tub: 3.1%
Bar: 3.0%
Sauna: 2.9%
Empty Classroom: 2.4%
Elevator: 2.3%

What Happens To Your Body When You Sleep


If you’re a living organism, you sleep. But if you’ve ever wondered what actually happens to your body when you sleep then ponder no more. Here are some fascinating things that happen whilst you’re scoring some shut eye thanks to Listverse.

Paralysis: Sleep paralysis is a thing people. Ever wondered why when you’re dreaming of say…being in a fight, you’re not actually throwing real physical swings as you slumber away? That’s sleep paralysis in effect during REM sleep, the type of sleep in which dreams are happening. During this time the brain blocks neurotransmitters and receptors in the muscles, essentially paralysing you.
Body Stretching: As you stand throughout the day, the effects of gravity compresses your spine and fluid is drained out of your vertebral discs. As a result, the human body can actually shrink in height by up to 1cm by the day’s end. Once you go home a lay in bed though, the pressure subsidises and fluid is allowed back into the joint connections. This in turn stretches the body back by a centimetre. This stage of sleep releases the growth hormones and allows the human body to grow whilst sleeping. It cannot grow whilst you’re awake.
Weight Loss: If you’ve ever woken up thirsty (not that kind of thirst) then it means you’ve dropped weight in your sleep. Congrats. The body can lose more than 0.5kg of water to the surrounding air whilst you’re asleep.
Brain Cleansing: During the hours that the body is awake, the brain builds up toxins and waste products through cells. The moment your body shuts down for sleep, the brain begins to work by opening up a valve which allows cerebrospinal fluid to flow from your spine into your brain. This fluid in effect rinses the brain tissue and takes away the toxins with it. It’s called cellular respiration, people. And it’s also the reason why you feel like hell when you don’t get enough sleep.

What The World’s Oldest People Eat


Want to be immortal? Too bad, we’re not there yet. What you can do though is take some dieting advice from the world’s oldest people, according to Bon Appetit.

  • Raw eggs everyday
  • Cow feet
  • Pickled Herring
  • Oatmeal
  • Sushi and vinegar-steamed rice
  • Cow’s milk
  • Herbal chutney
  • Seasonal fruit

There’s No Such thing As Casual Smoking


Hey there, casual chimney. Think you’re safe from the debilitating effects of smoking because you only “social smoke” during afterwork drinks? Well you’re in for a surprise – you’re a legitimate smoker. The rate of smoking can drastically effect the chances of cancer but for conditions such as heart attack and stroke, all bets are off and even one cigarette can make a big difference, according to Daily Mail.


A study of more than 65,000 smokers found that those who downed 20 cigarettes a day had a high risk of contracting a deadly form of stroke caused by brain bleeding. The bad news? So too do those who smoke between one and ten cigarettes. In fact, the journal Stroke even concluded that low level smokers had three times the risk of those who didn’t smoke at all. In a nutshell? One cigarette cuts your life by 11 minutes, according to a study published in the BMJ in 2000.


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