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Athletic Denim Just Got Real With Nike’s Latest Patent

Hitting the gym in your favourite denim might not be such a ridiculous idea in the future.


Hitting the gym in your favourite denim might not be such a ridiculous idea in the future if Nike have their way.

Over the weekend the American label filed a patent for ‘ath-denim’, an abbreviation of athletic denim which pundits are expecting to be the next innovation in sporting apparel. The patent which also covers the term “artificially reinforced denim” refers to a hybrid jeans-jogging pant which will head Nike CEO Mark Parker’s agenda for pushing advanced materials into traditional garments.


Details of the patent thus far describes a fabric which possesses “high tenacity” and “moisture management” alongside optimal stretch properties in various proportions. There were also words such as “performance zones” and “padding for shock absorption” thrown around which refers to certain areas of fabric weave, but other than that not much information has been released.

Given Nike’s recent foray into laceless sneaker technology and a push for advancing materials, it shouldn’t be too long before ‘ath-denim’ makes its official debut.

Would you ever rock running jeans? Let us know in the comments below.

[via WWD]

  • Sharon Huxford

    No I wouldn’t


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