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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #124

There’s a time to be frugal and there’s a time to spend all of your hard earned cash on what you really want in life.

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There’s a time to be frugal and there’s a time to spend all of your hard earned cash on what you really want in life. Shut Up & Take My Money is a shameless exercise in the latter, a safe place where man and money can part ways in the coolest way possible.

Essence Motorcycles E-Raw Electric Concept

The future is electric with the latest wild ride from Essence Motorcycles. Notice the absence in fuel tank? That’s because this is the Lyon-based company’s E-Raw Electric Concept, a beautiful example of what is possible when minimalist design meets technology and creativity. The 3.1 version of the E-Raw affords 80kW of power (that’s 109hp), 180Nm of torque and can reach 100km/h in under four seconds. Given it’s an electric motor at the end of the day, the bike can only reach a top speed of 155km/h but getting their with instant torque is the fun part. Design-wise, most will notice the wooden seat structure which also incorporates the area which used to be a fuel tank. Charging time is only 30 minutes and can afford the bike a range of 185km.



Volocopter 2X

Can’t beat the traffic? Fly over it instead with a heli-taxi. The Volocopter 2X is a life-sized drone which can transport up to two people in safety thanks to its 18 rotors (for stability) and a backup parachute. Most importantly it won’t make too big a dent on the environment since it’s electric powered and simple to control via a joystick cockpit layout. The Volovopter 2X can even be controlled by remote if that’s the kind of gnarly stuff you’re into. For now it is a product in development but there are plans for it to see the skies within the next few years once it’s been approved.


Natural Bamboo Skateboards By Hamboard

If carving up the pavement during the surfing off season sounds like your cup of tea then you’re in luck. Californian company Hamboards have invented a replica vintage surfboard which has wheels. The board itself is made of bamboo which allows it to flex and lean just like the real thing on waves. More importantly it is catered to an array of users thanks to its four different sizes ranging from a length of 3’7″ to 6’6″.

BUY $239

Letto Dog Bed

When your dog has a better home than you do, you know it’s time for a shout out in Shut Up & Take My Money. The Letto Dog Bed is a prime example of spoiling your best four legged friend. Designed by Belgian interior and product designer Gerd Couckhuyt, the Letto Dog Bed features an aluminium frame with raised side walls to keep dogs comfortable and warm in outdoor environments. It also comes in a natural wood finish to suit your own home. The mattress meanwhile is finished in foam and polyester wadding with 100% Trevira CS fabric upholstery. Your dog will thank you for it later.

BUY $970

Tamdhu 50 Year Old Scotch

Forget about your Dad’s prized scotch hiding in his closet. For a truly prized drop of liquid gold look no further than the Tamdhu 50 Year Old, a coveted bottle which celebrates the distillery’s 120th anniversary with a very limited batch of 100 bottles. The scotch itself was aged in European oak sherry butt casks and features notes of forest fruits, oak, orange, cloves, licorice, espresso and baked apples. to polish off the good stuff, it’s bottled in a English crystal decanter crafted by Royal Brierly based on a design by Katy Holford.

BUY $20,000



Design junkies who appreciate the classic design of Piaggio will love this coffee book dedicated to celebrating 130 years of Piaggio and the Vespa brand. Besides outlining the Italian company’s greatest milestones, FuturaPiaggio also looks at the group’s other innovations through names such as Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, Scarabeo, Derbi, Ape. A true collectors book for anyone who appreciates classic Italian design.

BUY $200


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