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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #125

If you’re going to embark on blatant materialism, do it right.

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1 of 6|Lazareth Wazuma V8F
2 of 6|Master & Dynamic Concrete MA770 Speaker
3 of 6|Jetfoiler
4 of 6|Western Digital Portable Solid State Drive
5 of 6|Steven Klein x Macallan Masters of Photography
6 of 6|Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker

Face it men. Money can’t be taken with you to the grave and you certainly don’t want to be using it to prop up your kids in the fear that they may one day turn out like the Trump offspring. Your next best option? Inanimate objects of affection that will make your life a happier journey. We’re talking cool gadgets and even cooler gear that defines the modern man and this is your bible to getting there.

Lazareth Wazuma V8F

Cafe racers, superbikes, quad bikes…forget about them for a moment and realise that the Lazareth Wazuma V8F will quite frankly demolish them all. The custom-built four-wheeler which hails from France is a Frankenstein of sorts, looking more like Batman’s ride in the Dark Knight than a street legal mode of transport. The evidence lies in the specifications: A 3.0-litre Ferrari V8 engine is mated to a BMW M3 sequential gearbox with power sent directly to the rear wheels. For those playing at home that’s 250hp through closely mounted twin tyres on a 500kg chassis. Insanity? That’s the point. For grip purposes the Lazareth widens its front track with fat rubber split at the front. It also has mirrors and headlights so uh, we guess you can try to register it if you can afford the blinding price tag.

BUY $250,000


Master & Dynamic Concrete MA770 Speaker

Ah, concrete – the building blocks of the modern industrial revolution and in this rare anomaly, also a damn sexy speaker unit. The maestros at Master & Dynamic are behind this project which involves collaborating with renowned African architect Sir David Adjaye to produce the MA770 wireless speaker. They didn’t just cut a random slab of concrete for this project either, with audio engineers sourcing optimum and acoustically engineered material that would complement the rich sound from the unit’s 4″ woven Kevlar long throw woofers and 1.5″ titanium tweeter. Connectivity is sorted via Bluetooth, WiFi and Chromecast for seamless music anywhere in the home.

BUY 1,900€


If you’ve ever wondered why no one has ever paired a surfboard, a race yacht and a remote control then wonder no more. Jetfoiler is the latest water toy which combines all three to turn a surfboard into a hydrofoil craft. Rather than mounting the electric motor on the board, it’s mounted on the foil allowing the main body to elevate above the water once it picks up speed. Once it gets going all riders need to do is lean back and navigate the seas.


Western Digital Portable Solid State Drive

Storage devices have never really been sexy to look at but Western Digital are looking to change that with their latest SSD which is both compact and ridiculously easy on the eyes. The unit itself is quite the performer with three sizes to choose from: 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. Transfer speeds can hit up 515MB/s so dropping in the whole series of Breaking Bad is achievable in a matter of minutes. The only thing users will require is the latest USB Type-C connection which makes it harder for older machines to hook up to.

BUY $99

Steven Klein x Macallan Masters Of Photography

Steven Klein is the latest artist to join Macallan’s Masters of Photography Series and he’s done a damn fine job of it with his photography helping to inspire Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno’s take on a peaty scotch aged in Rioja wine barrels for the first time. The result, according to Macallan, is a sweeter flavour profile. More importantly though the bottle is packed in a stunning limited edition black case featuring ten signed Steven Klein prints, a horse head stopper, and custom barware tools. Only 1,000 units will be available in the world so if you’re thirsty, you know what to do.


BUY $2,995

Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker

Two speakers in one edition? Believe it. Bose have today unveiled their first ever 360 degree Bluetooth speaker which is both portable and powerful. The longitudinal design allows for a downward-facing transducer and specifically angled acoustic deflectors to produce a broad spectrum of rich sound wherever the user chooses to place it. Each charge provides 12 hours of play time whilst a water resistant shell allows it to be used freely in outdoor environments. Two variants of the Revolve speaker are available including a larger and more powerful model.

BUY $299+


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