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These Men’s Hairstyles Were The Coolest In May 2017

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1 of 6|Jeremy Renner
2 of 6|Brenton Thwaites
3 of 6|Tom Holland
4 of 6|Tom Cruise & Matt Bomer
5 of 6|David Beckham & Robert Pattinson
6 of 6|Channing Tatum & Michael B.Jordan

We can’t save you from unwanted hair on your nether regions but for hair on your head, it’s a simple case of spy and steal from your favourite male celebrity.

And would you look at that, we’ve got nine of the finest gents for you right here. Jeremy Renner leads the pack from Cannes with a ridiculously polished look. Following in his footsteps is the young Spiderman actor Tom Holland and young Pirates of the Caribbean recruit, Brenton Thwaites.

Elsewhere on the follicle circuit we have David Beckham and Matt Bomer looking after the longer hairstyles whilst Robert Pattinson and Channing Tatum are flying the short hair flag for the month. Rounding things out nicely is Michael B. Jordan with cleanly-cropped dreads to really elevate the classic look.

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