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What The Future Of Sneaker Design Will Look Like

Like you’ve never seen them made before.

Nike and Dell have envisioned a bold new way for the future of sneaker design at this year’s Dell EMC World conference.

The tech gathering is a showcase of how consumer products will be positioned in the years to come. In the beloved sneaker circles that meant pairing the sports apparel company with Meta, an augmented reality system company, and Ultrahaptics, a form which specialises in user haptic feedback.

To showcase this innovation Dell created a short video which has designers using Dell’s Canvas and an interactive ben to trace sneaker silhouettes via a 3D hologram which can also react to touch by providing materials selection. Even though manufacturers may still be a bit far off from this level of interactive design, it’s still a rather intriguing look into the crystal ball of what’s possible as artificial intelligence merges with tradition.

Hugo Boss certainly have that part down pat with their Nike creating some of the world’s finest made-to-measure suits.


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