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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [01.05.17]

Forget about the frivolities of the daily news.

Forget about the frivolities of the daily news. Pointless and awesome is a place where distracted gentlemen can gather and find solace amongst facts that will serve them zero purpose in life. Okay, maybe a small purpose like some bar banter for that hottie in your crossfit class who could probably bench your bodyweight.

But we digress. Here are the most pointless and interesting facts for the week.

What To Do When Your Boss Hates You


Do you walk into the office with smiles and come home in tears? If so then Fast Company has the right advice for you.

Stop Dwelling On What Your Boss thinks Of You: For starters it will drive you insane. After a performance review don’t read into the notes too much as they are usually quite literal. It is what it is on the surface according to Fast Company’s spokesperson who has been both boss and employee.

Bring It Up First: If the issue is clearly evident and consistent then it’s time to step up and do something. Setting up a frank discussion is the way to go especially if your boss is the non-confrontational type to a fault or needs a bit of a push to open up the communication channels.

Form Allegiances: Failing the former and admitting that your boss is unapproachable will render you with one last hope. Find other mentors in your organisation.

Records Of The World’s Fastest…

There are a lot of records in the world and today we wanted to enlighten you guys with some of the world’s fastest. And most pointless might we add.

Most Finger Snaps In A Minute: 296 clicks in 1 minute
World’s Fastest Talker: 637 words per minute (four times the average)
Most Football Touches With Foot: 339 in 1 minute
Most Punches: 805 in 1 minute
Situps: 2289 situps in 1 hour

Top 50 Ranking Websites In Australia


Know what Australia is searching for most on the interwebs? Site ranking site Alexa does. Gizmodo did a quick round up of what Australian browsing habits were. Some were surprising, others not so much. Here are the top ten sites. For the full list of 50, head over to Gizmodo. FYI, Pornhub came in at number 23.

  2. youtube
  4. facebook
  5. reddit
  6. wikipedia
  8. live
  9. yahoo
  10. diply

Celebrity Jobs Before They Were Famous


Think you know your most beloved celebrities. You’d be wrong. Buzzfeed have listed some of the craziest jobs Hollywood celebrities have partaken in before they were celebrities.

Brad Pitt: Chicken Mascot for El Pollo Loco before becoming a chauffeur for strippers.
Ellen DeGeneres: Oyster Shucker
Sean Connery: Nude model and coffin cleaner (not at the same time)
Megan Fox: Banana mascot at Florida smoothie shop
George Clooney: Tobacco stripper
Miley Cyrus: Toilet cleaner
Jon Hamm: Set dresser on soft porn films
Morgan Freeman: Professional dancer

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