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People Who Died Playing Video Games

These stories are more interesting than your mother-in-law. Slightly.

A brand new week has come around to fill your schedule with the banalities of modern day society. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of organic kombucha then there is a reprieve. Us. Down boy – not us personally, but rather this week’s most interesting facts for men that will keep the boredom at bay whilst adding a whole two points to your stellar IQ. Stop. Procrastinate and listen.

People Who Died Playing Video Games


Video games are harmless for the most part and have been part of most people’s childhood (and adulthood). Some however just want to watch the world burn. We’re talking about fallen soldiers of the gaming world who pushed their bodies so hard that they paid the ultimate sacrifice. Scary but true, according to Ranker.

Brian Vigneault: Died from playing online game War of Tanks for almost 24 hours straight. The sad part? He was doing it to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. In an ironic twist, Vigneault died from a massive heart attack after he took a break from gaming to have a smoke. He was also binging on energy drinks at the time.

Chris Staniforth: Died from playing 12-hour Halo sessions without breaks. A blood clot travelled from his leg into his lungs which killed him instantly.


Man from China: Died after playing a game continuously for 27 days. That’s 650 hours. During this time he drank little, slept little and survived on a diet of instant noodles – kind of like being a student except without moving. He eventually died of heart failure and malnutrition.

Jennifer Strange: Lived up to her name when she entered a radio competition called ‘Hold your wee for a Wii’ in which a Nintendo Wii console would be given away for, you guessed it, holding your urine in. Any normal human being would know this isn’t the greatest idea but it would appear that the 28-year-old’s desire superseded common sense in this case. She drank over 7.5 litres of water and didn’t urinate. She eventually died of water intoxication and din’t receive the Wii.

How Much Movie Characters Would Make In The Real World


James Bond, Ellen Ripley, Ron Burgundy. All household names in the realm of Hollywood but have you ever wondered what would happen if those said characters were to actually exist and get paid? Wonder no more, thanks to Gizmodo.

Homer Simpson: Safety Inspector – $68,176
James Bond: Royal Marine Commander – $135,141
Ellen Ripley: Lieutenant First Class – $105,905
Ron Burgundy: Anchorman – $111,355
Mario: Plumber – $61,492
Don Draper: Advertising Creative Director – $153,348
Indiana Jones: Archeologists & Historical Professor – $109,887
Master Chief: Master Chief Petty Officer – $146,544

Death Cap Mushrooms Have Arrived In Tasmania


Brace yourselves, Australians. Deadly mushrooms have arrived on our shores. Well, Tasmanian shores to be exact. The highly toxic mushrooms that are known for causing slow and painful deaths in humans were found growing at the base of an oak tree in Tasmania’s north for the first time, according to an ABC report. Death Cap mushrooms which are scientifically known as Amanita phalloides have resided in other parts of Australia for a while now but it’s the first time since they’ve made their way across the waters.

Scientists say that the mushroom kills by breaking down the liver if consumed. Eight milligrams of the mushroom is enough to kill an 80kg adult. It’s an unassuming slow kill too with the mushroom causing nausea and diarrhoea for the first six hours before tricking the body into thinking it’s better. After a few days your health deteriorates and you’re dead.


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