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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [15.05.17]

Learning never felt this good.

Forget about being distracted by all of that fake news in the world. All a man needs in his life is a weekly hit of the most pointless and interesting facts to keep the boredom at bay. From crazy museums to jobs that will get you the most hits on dating sites, procrastination never looked so appealing.

Museums You Had No Idea Existed


Bangkok’s Siriraj Medical Museum – aka The Museum of Death

Museums. Often held in high esteem as the beacon of knowledge and education for generations to come, they don’t come without their freakish oddities. Here are some of the world’s craziest museums – if you can handle it.

Siriraj Medical Museum (Thailand): They don’t call this one the Museum of Death for nothing. Siriraj is a medical museum in Bangkok which is open to the public for those game enough to look at the intricacies of the human body – deceased human bodies frozen in blocks to be exact.
Museum of Sex (New York): A jumping castle filled with boobs and often referred to as ‘Willy Wonka’s sex dream’, we really don’t need to say anymore.
Mummy Museum (Mexico): Guanajuato was once a small mining town which buried hundreds of bodies from the Santa Paula Pantheon’s crypts during the mid-19th century. It was later discovered that those bodies that were though lost had been mummified through a natural process due to the region’s unique climate. Those corpses also included ghoulish infants which can now be seen at the museum.
Iceland Phallological Museum (Iceland): Penis. Penis everywhere. It’s a museum filled with every penis found on Earth.
Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets: Trace the evolution of the humble toilet from the past 4,500 years. It’s not as shitty as you think.
Medieval Torture Museum (Netherlands): Ah the Dutch. These guys have over 100 medieval torture devices on display. Great day out for the family.
Meguro Parasitological Museum (Japan): These guys have nine metre tape worm on display. There’ also head lice, parasites and all other kinds of weird organisms designed to thrive off other living organisms – humans included. Make sure to have a light breakfast before dropping by this one.

Most Attractive Jobs On Dating Apps


Ever wondered if your choice of career had an impact on your dating potential on Tinder and Happn? Wonder no more. The two dating apps recently teamed up to determine the most attractive jobs on the Australian matchmaking service. Here’s what they discovered in both men’s and women’s preferences.

Signs You’ll Never Be Rich


A moment of silence to those who live by the paycheck and possess some this generation’s worst spending habits. Business Insider have compiled a list of signs which prove you’ll never be rich.

  1.  You only work hard, not smart
  2. You put emphasis on saving and not earning
  3. You buy things you can’t afford
  4. You’re content with a steady paycheck
  5. You haven’t started investing
  6. You’re pursuing someone else’s dream – not yours
  7. You don’t step outside your comfort zone
  8. You don’t have goals for your money
  9. You spend first and save what’s left over
  10. You believe that getting rich is out of reach

Your Quality Of Sleep Deteriorates From Age 30


Finding it harder to fall asleep as your begin to shrivel? It’s no coincidence. A new study from Neuron has found that ageing brains result in the plummeting quality of sleep from those in their 30s. The reasoning?

“The parts of the brain deteriorating earliest are the same regions that give us deep sleep,” the report suggests. More specifically, with age the human brain has less control over the chemicals that tells the body to go to sleep or wake up. This causes the phenomena of feeling lethargic during the day and being wide awake at night.

Now to convince the boss on the feasibility of siestas.


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