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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [29.05.17]

A bit of harmless procrastination never hurt anyone.

Kick off your start of week blues the right way with the pointless and awesome facts you never asked for. Clothes shrunken after weekend laundry? We find out the scientific reason why. As well as that we have the bombshell on what a banana actually is. Animal lovers will also be happy to know that there’s an island made just for you.

Why Your Clothes Shrink In The Wash

You’ve taken your favourite shirt out of the weekend laundry and it’s crispy ‘AF’. You proceed to slip it on and find that you’ve grown some muscles in a week. Easy there, tiger. Your shirt just shrunk and here’s the exact reason why, according to science. 


Three types of clothes shrinkages occurs in the form of felting, relaxation and consolidation.

Felting shrinkage: This is the process where animal hair fibres such as wool will shrink when exposed to moisture or high heat. The natural scales of the fibres ensure that this is the case when they mesh together as a reaction to this.  
Relaxation shrinkage: Another form of shrinkage brought upon by fabric exposed to liquid or excessive moisture. This type of shrinkage is minimal down to less than one percent.
Consolidation shrinkage: This happens via a combination of moisture, heat and mechanical action (pulling during washing and drying). This process causes fibres to lose tension which was created during the knit manufacturing process.

The best way to avoid shrinkage is to go for more man-made synthetic fibres which are more stable against heat. If you’re opting for natural fibres, go for pre-shrunk pieces which have been exposed to consolidation shrinkage before the garment pieces are cut and sewn. 

[via The Spruce]

Bananas Are Actually A Form Of Berry

Bananas are one of the world’s most loved fruits thanks to its ease of consumption and palatable taste. Little do most know though that the humble yellow fruit is actually a berry. Botanical berries fall under the scientific definition of a fruit with a fleshy or pulpy single body with the seeds stowed away within the flesh of the fruit. What’s the grand conclusion? Bananas, like tomatoes and avocados are technically berries and raspberries and blackberries aren’t.

The real kicked though? Our yellow friend, banana, who is absolutely a berry according to the New World Encyclopedia.

[via Buzzfeed]


Islands & Towns Overrun With Animals

Animals are cool but when things start looking more like Planet of the Apes then you better be afraid. Certain parts of the world are currently dominated with animals (some who could kill you if they really wanted). Here are a few of them you need to know about.

Ōkunoshima Island (Japan): Rabbits
Big Major Cay (The Bahamas): Pigs
Gough Island : Carnivorous Mice 
Runde Island (Norway): Puffins
Zao Fox Village (Japan): Foxes
Cayo Santiago (Puerto Rico): Monkeys 

[Mental Floss]

Jobs That Robots Can Never Take From Humans

Worried about Judgement Day? Worry about your job first. With machines taking over most traditional jobs these days it’s important to know what jobs the machines will never be capable of muscling in on, according to Psychology Today

Government Employment: Public servants
Technology Jobs: Computer programming
Healthcare Providers: Nurses, physicians
Self-Employment: Tutoring, personal training, market stall holder, carpentry, landscape, plumbing and mobile car repair


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