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How To Get Noticed At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (If You’re A Bloke)

For the uneducated this is farshun, idiot. Keep your black and your blue, it’s all about loud colours.

Let’s get one thing straight, men have no place being at MBAFW. With so few menswear brands showing it’s an event for the ladies. The womenswear brands in Australia continue to kick harder than a methed up mule but our menswear is not exactly on the world stage these days. We’re as disappointed as you are but don’t not let that get in the way of a good ol’ fashioned roasting.

If you’re one of the Instagram floggers down at Sydney’s Carriageworks then we’re grateful for your commitment to the industry. Were you hoping to get snapped but didn’t? Don’t worry, here’s a selection of what you need to wear in 2018 to catch the eye of the photographers.

Want a hint? Dust off your mum’s Ken Done sweater it’s about get icy.



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