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Sweden Unveils World’s Weirdest Sauna In A Gold-Plated Egg

Forget about the animals which can kill you for a moment.

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Scandinavian design is a well-versed art form within the confines of four walls. It’s been heavily documented amongst the pages of D’Marge but now we have an anomaly – striking Scandinavian minimalism taken to the great outdoors of Sweden’s snowy city of Kiruna.

The Solar Egg is the latest project from design duo Bigert & Bergstrom and it’s essentially a geometric gold plated egg which also doubles as a public sauna. Crazy? Perhaps. The Swedes just like to justify its existence in the name of art. Take that, Kim Jong-Un statue. The cool installation features a number of gold plated steel panels designed to reflect the surrounding environment and city. This ensures that the Solar Egg can also capture the Arctic climate of the northern region as light and darkness dramatically alters the landscape.

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Step inside Solar Egg and guests will be greeted with beautifully appointed wooden oasis complete with an intricate fireplace made from iron and rocks to mimic the human heart. And yes, get it hot enough and it will glow red.

Keen sauna hunters will need to queue up for a go since the 5 x 4 metre structure can only accommodate eight people at a time. Not a bad way to sinter away the cold winter days up north at all.

And FYI, the Solar Egg is also a metaphor for rebirth and new opportunities – something you’ll definitely be feeling after a short stint.




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