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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #126

Because life’s too short to pay mortgages.

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1 of 6|Tesla T1 Concept Vehicle
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3 of 6|Darth Vader Solid Gold Helmet
4 of 6|Icon: The Official Story of the Series Land Rover & Defender
5 of 6|Master & Dynamic x Leica Camera Headphones
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Forget about that investment property you’ve been hanging out for. Life’s too short to pay mortgages so if you’re going to burn both ends then you might as well do it in style. And a bit of excess. Or a lot of excess. Here’s what you should be throwing wads of cash at this week.

Tesla T1 Concept Vehicle

Elon Musk is considered a rather innovative chap, so when it came time to designing a conceptual competitor for the 2030 24 Hours of Le Mans, Tesla was an obvious inspiration for designer Omar Alfarra Zendah and his team of five other colleagues from IED Barcelona. The result they produced for the Michelin Design Challenge 2017 is nothing short of stunning with a car consisting of vacuum-inspired aero of a bygone F1 era and a host of thorough technical ideas worth reading about. We’re not going to get into the specifics too much here since it is a rendering, but its designers hope that by the time of its calling the car should be putting out a healthy 1,340hp and weigh just 900kg. Here’s to dreaming. See the link for the car’s entire breakdown.



Ferrari x Poltrona Frau Cockpit Desk Chair

If the thought of leaving your Ferrari parked in the work basement irks you on the daily then there is a solution. The prancing horse have teamed up with Italian furniture house Poltrona Frau to create the stunning Cockpit Desk Chair. The official product which mimics the bucket seats from cars such as the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T was created for Milan Design Week. Two variants of the office chair are available in the form of the ‘President’ and a smaller ‘Executive’. Ensuring that it doesn’t fall into the novelty bin anytime soon, the furniture maker has borrowed materials directly from the Ferrari stable including red upholstery, a full carbon fibre shell and an aluminium base. Taking your Ferrari into work just got real.


Darth Vader Solid Gold Helmet

It’s a known fact that if you have your own golden statue then you’re probably a dictator. Have a solid golden statue of Darth Vader’s head? Well then, you’re a deadset legend. And right on cue the Japanese have come to answer that call with an absolutely pointless Darth Vader helmet crafted from 15kg of solid gold. The lavish paper weight was sculpted by precious metals business Tanaka Kikinzoku Group who specialise in jewellery and industrial products. The gold statue will go on sale from May 4 to coincide with international Star Wars celebrations. And the price of extravagant pointlessness? Well if you have to ask…


Icon: The Official Story Of The Series Land Rover & Defender

Relive a legend of the motoring world with Land Rover’s official book detailing the illustrious history of their iconic Defender. ‘Icon: The Official Story of the Series Land Rover and Defender’ will make for the perfect coffee table read with stories of the Defender’s accomplishments around the world as well as commentary from influential friends including Richard Hammond, Bear Grylls and Ralph Lauren.

BUY £50

Master & Dynamic x Leica Camera Collection

When two of the finest players from photography and audio come together the result is something to truly get excited about. New York’s premium audio company Master & Dynamic have partnered with German’s Leica for a set of headphones and earphones which evoke the aesthetics of the latter’s high-end 0.95 lenses. The 0.95 of course stands for the world’s fastest aperture aspherical lens made by Leica Camera – that’s the Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH for all the shooters out there. The signature red branding adorns the headphones which themselves are luxuriously wrapped in black smooth grain leather. A pop of red is also evident in the acoustic mesh area to ensure they stand out when not on a wearer’s head. There’s even a special message engraved onto the inside ear cup stating: “Developed in NYC. Reimagined in Wetzlar”. The headphones will come in both the wireless MW60 and corded MH40 variants alongside black PVD-coated brass ME05 Earphones.


BUY +£179

Kitty Hawk Flyer

Whether you like it or not, flying cars are coming. Leading the way with evidence is the Kitty Hawk Flyer, an electric prototype drone which is designed to transport human riders like something out of Star Wars. How legitimate is it? Well Google co-founder Larry Page has backed this company so you know it’s not here just to impress the internet. From the video campaign shown, riders will be able to easily hop on the floating craft and take off like a quad-copter before sailing off into the sunset like a quad-bike on air. Friends? Just park it right up to their waterside home. Watch the video below to see how it all works.



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