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A New Australian Magazine Flagrantly Celebrates Materialism & The Good Life

D’Marge is now the proud parent of its first ever print publication.

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1 of 10|The amazing front cover
2 of 10|The rise and rise of Gucci
3 of 10|A closer look at the iconic Porsche 911
4 of 10|The best gin in the world...
5 of 10|Custom motorcycle helmets to die for
6 of 10|An exclusive interview with Nike's #1 designer
7 of 10|Inside the mind of a CEO
8 of 10|The only pen brand worth knowing about...
9 of 10|The Bondi boy making it big
10 of 10|Cool cycling gear from Melbourne

After months of planning and further months of toiling away in our dungeon headquarters, D’Marge is now the proud parent of its first ever print publication, Shut Up & Take My Money.

Sound familiar? You wouldn’t be wrong, ace. Shut Up & Take My Money is the estranged cousin (a living, breathing extension, if you’d like) of our popular weekly online feature of what to buy when money is no object – an irreverent magazine for those who don’t know the difference between need and want.

In a digitally dominated world filled with real-time content at every human’s fingertips, releasing a 160-page bi-annual print magazine may seem perplexing and even self-indulgent, but that couldn’t be further from the motive.

What readers will get then isn’t just a catalogue of random stuff to throw their wads of cash at. Shut Up & Take My Money will go beyond that and educate readers on luxury and innovative brands, products and the real thinkers behind them who are changing the landscape. All this is wrapped in a tight little package with a focus on quality, design and flair that can effortlessly fit in your everyday bag.

Whilst Shut Up & Take My Money is primarily targeted to a male audience, women will also find the publication helpful for finding gifts for partners, family and friends. Like basketball? How about basketball embellished with silver to add a bit of bling to your game. Fancy yourself more the Sunday Driver? There’s beautiful mesh and leather driving gloves in there too. You name it, we got it.

The first edition hits Australian newsagents and airline lounges today, May 22, 2017 for AU$14.95. Digital versions will also be available to buy online now and via digital download.




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