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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #127

Spend like a billionaire even if you’re not.

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1 of 6|M.A.D.Gallery Nixie Machine II
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When Tony Stark faced a mental breakdown he didn’t wallow in despair. Instead he spent his billions on building stuff and buying shiny new toys to make himself whole again. Welcome to Shut Up & Take My Money, a place where you can be Tony Stark without the billions of dollars.

M.A.D.Gallery Nixie Machine  II

Not all clocks are created equal. And that’s certainly the case for M.A.D Gallery’s Nixie Machine II, a serious statement piece for anyone who appreciates the mechanics of clockwork merged with signature steampunk aesthetics. The Nixie Machine II was built to celebrate the 5th anniversary of M.A.D. Gallery with over 200 individual components comprising of steel, brass and the all-important Nixie tubes to display the time. There are of course modern touches like Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure the clock displays the correct hours, minutes and seconds.



Elbow Cassette Tape Player

Rest in peace, Walkman. It’s time to bring the cassette player into 2017 with this portable little device named Elbow. It might not look like a cassette player but rest assured it is one, albeit stripped down to the bare essentials. A single motorised pulley is used to drive the tape whilst a reader and optical sensor sits over the contact area to track speed. More importantly the unit comes equipped with a mini-USB port which can be used to transfer the cassette’s audio onto a computer whilst charging the device. Now all you’ll need is a pair of rollerblades.


Harmon Kardon Invoke

The expert audio freaks at Harmon Kardon are joining the ranks of Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home in a battle of the digital household assistant. Deemed Invoke and created in partnership with Microsoft, the Invoke will be able to play your favourite tunes on demand, manage your calendar, daily activities, reminders, tell you traffic conditions and news and order you pizza. Okay, we lied about the pizza bit. Though in due time it’ll happen. And given that the device uses Harmon Kardon’s audio expertise, punters can expect the sound quality from the three woofers, three tweeters and two passive radiators to be on point. There’s even seven microphones to ensure Invoke can hear you at all times over the background noise.


Assolar SS-12 Laser-Sighted Tactical Slingshot

Eat my shorts. Actually, if you get hit in the face with a projectile from this insane device (see: weapon) then you probably won’t be eating for a few weeks. This is the Assolar SS-12 laser sighted tactical slingshot. You read right, a laser aiming slingshot which would send Bart Simpson running for the hills. Not that we recommend you guys use this on humans as it’s fully intended for game hunting. Oh and one other thing: the slingshot can be converted into a hand held bow with the included components. Now let’s see you try to get this one out of the States.

BUY $88

Luftgekuhlt Book by Deus Ex Machina

Like your coffee table books cool and German? You need Luftgekuhlt, a comprehensive book on Porsche’s most iconic air-cooled cars. The bible made for Porsche fans includes a detailed look at the Pre-A 356 models right through to the final 993 vehicle to roll off the production line. And given it’s a piece by the Deus Ex Machina crew, you can rest assured it will look pretty slick in any man’s book shelf. Don’t have a book shelf? See below.


Bricks Book Shelves

Book shelves are pretty one dimensional affairs. No so, according to the Bricks Book Shelf which will have guests admiring for more than its contents. The book shelf designed by Gerard De Hoop takes the classic piece of furniture and turns it into a striking visual illusion to mimic a brick wall. Banging your head on a brick wall never looked so educational.

BUY $650 – $1,650


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