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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #130

For the days when money grows on trees.

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1 of 6|Dubai Robot Cop
2 of 6|Hodinnkee x Marc Newson Hourglass
3 of 6|BMW Motorrad Concept Link
4 of 6|Biki Underwater Drone
5 of 6|Elvis Presley’s Private Jet
6 of 6|XTND Electric Board

When money is no object it’s time to blow it on something with substance. No, not that kind of substance. This is Shut Up & Take My Money, the home of the world’s most ridiculous innovations a man can throw cash at. 

Dubai Robot Cop

Skynet is here and it all starts with this Dubai police officer that’s been created as the country’s real life Robocop. Standing at 1.65 metres tall the police officer uses facial recognition software to identify perpetrators, broadcast live video feeds on its chest and allow people to pay their fines. The goal is simple – to have a quarter of Dubai’s police force be a robotic army by 2030. The end is nigh. For petty crims it would appear. 


Hodinnkee x Marc Newson Hourglass

An hourglass is something gran would have likely used to bake a cake. In the world of fine design under the careful watch of Hodinkee and Marc Newson, it’s a $6,000 masterpiece which boasts sensational aesthetic credentials. The simple-looking timer features a solid piece of handblown glass which encloses 1.3 million copper ball bearings to give it a stunning and unique aesthetic over a 10 minute timing duration. The hourglass is limited to just 100 pieces so sort your finances before time runs out. (boom-tssh).

BUY $6,000

BMW Motorrad Concept Link

Electric bikes aren’t cool. The BMW Motorrad Concept Link is. Based off the car manufacturer’s E-drive system, the bike features flat battery packs for lower centre of gravity and a compact motor on the rear to deliver power without taking up vital real estate. The result? More room for luggage and a length-adjustable seat. A head-up display and intuitive riding jacket with controls polishes off the futuristic cues rather nicely. 


Biki Underwater Drone

Gopro and DJI have conquered the skies so that only leaves the seas to be claimed. Built around the silhouette of a fish, the Biki Underwater Drone moves like a real fish and packs a camera with 4K video and 16MP still photo capability. A GPS unit ensures it doesn’t get lost with pre-set routes by the user. The Biki Underwater Drone can submerge to a depth of 60 metres whilst a infrared positioning sensor prevents it from hitting obstacles. All this exploration can be had for just a two hour charge.

BUY $550

Elvis Presley’s Private Jet

It’s not in the greatest shape today but if you’re after a piece of rock and roll history then you can now buy Elvis Presley’s 1962 Lockheed Jetstar Jet. Bear in mind though all you’ll be getting is a shell of its former glory since there’s no engines attached. The interior is still in good nick though and features some of the most lavish appointments of its time fit for a king. Gold accents, custom woodgrain, velvet seats and red carpet has been left in the condition that the king left it. A great opportunity for warehouse parties…in planes. 

BUY $430,000

XTND Electric Board

Even if you don’t ride a skateboard you can still rest assure that the XTND Electric Board will look damn fine sitting on the wall. The sleek roller is designed from the ground up and crafted from carbon fibre, titanium along with space grade materials to make it one of the strongest and lightest skateboards on the market. It even comes with an onboard computer to detect your riding style and adapt accordingly. Lights in the front and rear ensures that night riding is made possible and safe at a speed of 50km/h. Gnarly.

BUY $1,000




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