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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #129

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Your last paycheck is only as good as what you end up spending it on. So make sure you blow it on something damn cool. This is Shut Up & Take My Money, the home of flagrant consumerism done right.

Inflatable Moe’s Tavern

Those dreams of kicking back with Lenny, Barney and Moe can now be a reality in the backyard with this awesome inflatable Moe’s Tavern thanks to the good people at Inflatable Pubs Global. Standing at 7m x 7m x 3.5m once fully inflated, Moe’s Tavern can accommodates up to 60 guests with the interior design left to the owner’s liking. Moe’s Tavern is safe and robust too as it meets international safety standards meaning heaters and air-conditioners can also be used inside. Duff Beer all year round sounds like a perfect idea.

BUY $4,500


Sealander Campervan

Proving that campervans can be cool is this creation from German-based company, Sealander. The little 1.2 square metre camper-trailer combo can also be used to traverse calmer waters at up to 8km/h in order to provide a different backdrop every few hours. That’s right, it’s a campervan and camperboat all in one. The cool little craft even comes with kitchen appliances and seating for six which can be converted to a bed so you can pass out against the sun set. Those in Canada and Europe can get their hands on a Sealander now. Others might need to smuggle it into their country.


2017 Porsche Office Chair

Brace yourselves (literally), Porsche have updated their sumptuous German-made office chair modelled off an actual 911 seat. Designed to complement your office with style and class, the 4-way Plus Sport seat features continuous seat adjustment and and electric backrest adjuster powered by a rechargeable battery. The armrests can also be raised to double as a jacket hook on the rear. On the aesthetic front the 2017 version now features a choice of over 100 colours and the same sleek Porsche crest embossed on the leather headrest. The shell itself is composite allowing the chair to weigh just 35kg. Office aisle racing never looked so good.

BUY $5,690

Killspencer Dog Harness

Give your dog the gift of style with Killspencer’s latest luxury leather good in this slick dog harness. Forming part of Killspencer’s latest dog collection, the harness is an elegant nod to aesthetics and functionality whilst pertaining to the utmost levels of comfort for your furry friend. The harness is made from premium bullhide leather and has been tested to pull a load of 544kg. The metal D-ring allows for quick leash attachment whilst an additional chest loop is supplied for dogs still under training.

BUY $220

Paul Smith x Anglepoise Lamps

Fashion designer Paul Smith has teamed up with Anglepoise, an icon in interior design to create one their latest creation of designer-inspired lamps. The Anglepoise Type 75 range comes in three sizes featuring striking colour schemes which reflects the changing seasons of the year.


BUY $195

Thousand Epoch Helmet

Even if you haven’t been on a bike in years, the design of the Thousand Epoch Helmet will make you want to score one just to hang in the pool room. Their new range which comes in time for the brand’s second anniversary features three cool colour variations in Speedway Creme, Willowbrook Mint, and Nordic Wood. What makes them stand out even more is the classic silhouette boasting modern safety construction. The helmets come in three sizes and includes two sets of interior padding paired to leather straps to polish that vintage look off.

BUY $115


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