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Inside Stockholm’s Sleek New Apartment By VRÅ Homestyling

In the Scandinavians we trust.

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The Scandinavians are no strangers to contemporary design and for this occasion they’ve taken the lazy term ‘apartment’ and turned it into a thriving family space which will make any minimalist freak blush.

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Meticulously designed by VRÅ Homestyling, the spacious dig features standout appointments from the mandatory white colour palette to the washed-out wooden floorboards. In between that it’s all about the furniture and artistic additions alongside carefully positioned greenery. Cushions and throw-overs are also tended to with monochromatic hues keeping in line with the home’s simple themes.

Given that this is a family home, the children’s bedrooms also receive the same level of attention in Swedish flair. How long that cleanliness will last is another issue altogether. Check out the gallery before you embark on a young family.


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