Modern Travel Gadgets That Could Save Your Life

It's time to ditch the pager.

A well-travelled man always has a great story to tell. Of course there is no story without first surviving the toils of travel, especially when venturing into unfamiliar territory. We’re not talking about a trip to Miami here. It’s all about being a modern nomad and finding new ways to conquer the quest with the best equipment possible.

So whether it’s saving your ass from dehydration or bringing you the miracle of fire, these are the best travel gadgets every modern adventurer needs in their arsenal.

Biolite Campstove 2


We featured the first version of the award-winning Biolite CampStove a while back ago and now comes their second iteration which boasts even more life-saving features. The Biolite Campstove 2 works via a thermoelectric process which creates electricity from burning wood. On top of being able to charge a multitude of devices via the USB port, the portable stove can also double as a smokeless camp fire for cooking meals and boiling water to consume. The charge created from the burning wood is stored in a 2600mAh battery which now has 50% more capacity than the previous model. The Biolite is a small price to pay for something that could potentially save your life when things go awry outdoors.

BUY $270

Bluesmart Smart Luggage


A bag with a brain. There’s no other way of describing the Bluesmart carry-on luggage which  knows more about you than your own mother. Ok, maybe that’s an overstatement. The Bluesmart does however revolutionise the way globetrotters carry out their business with a phone app that allows you to lock or unlock the case remotely, weigh itself by lifting the bag handle, track its own location and notify you if you’ve left it behind.

The digital locking mechanism is TSA approved meaning airport security can readily access your luggage without damaging it. If all that doesn’t pique your nomadic needs, it also has a built in battery that can charge your phone, tablet or notebook six times over should you be stranded in the middle of nowhere. The designers of the Bluesmart haven’t neglected durability and aesthetics with the bag featuring a three-layer polycarbonate shell which is both strong and light. It adds waterproof zippers and an anodised aluminium handle to give it a robust structure whilst looking the goods with its slick blue and black accents.

BUY $500+

Camelbak All Clear UV Purifier


Here’s something that every traveller needs in their life. Reliable purification doesn’t come easy especially when travelling abroad but the CamelBak All Clear has made it possible with the help of proven UV technology which neutralises microbiological contaminants to EPA standards. It features a built-in LCD to confirm water results, ensuring that purification has never been easier. Simply run water from any tap or natural water source into the bottle and the purification unit and users will have potable drinking water in just 60 seconds. Every charge affords 80 cycles of purification to ensure you’ll last an entire trip should it go awry.




Buffy ain’t got nothing on these camping tools which are designed to stake your territory whilst providing the miracle of light wherever you are in this darkness. Each StakeLight affords up to 10 hours of LED illumination or 24 hours in strobe mode, is powered by a single AAA battery and housed in a water-resistant casing. It could be the fine line between being spotted from above or being eaten by a bear – Leo DiCaprio style.

BUY $20

Esbit Titanium Camp Cutlery


Proving that cutlery can live longer than you is this three piece set from Esbit. The spoon, fork and knife are all made from 100% titanium meaning there’s no weird metallic taste whilst being light and strong without the rusty bits. They’re also designed to accompany you with your travels with a silicone sleeve keeping the utensils together during transit. It can save your life if you ever find your arm caught between a boulder and a cliff face in the middle of nowhere. The hard part is the cutting part.

BUY $30


Torch Coat Heater


Being caught out in the cold with an ill-prepared jacket is the bane of any avid traveller. The Torch Coat Heater can change this with a heating device designed to line any jacket to provide instantaneous warmth. The battery-operated heat unit sits between your body and the jacket’s inner lining to ensure both comfort and heating needs of its wearer are met. The battery lasts for five hours on a single charge and remains slim in profile to ensure its usability with heavier jackets and coats.

BUY $90

Coleman Multi-Tool Lighter


Light your way with fire. Or cut and pry, if that’s called upon. Coleman’s robust outdoors lighter can provide the essentials of fire whilst also boasting a knife, saw, file and a bottle opener. The stainless steel build and rubber grip will also ensure it succeeds various trips in one piece.

BUY $20

Bushcraft First Aid


Not so much a gadget but still a handy little life-saving device shall you be stranded somewhere far from civilisation. Like Bear Grylls in your back pocket, Bushcraft First Aid provides solutions to countless outdoor-prone injuries from cuts to broken bones and creating the all-important sling.

BUY $12

Heimplanet Mavericks Tent


This one’s easily the biggest gadget on the list and it could well be the most serious too. The hazard weather tent is designed to take on the worst of Mother Nature in order to provide occupants with a safe enclosed space to seek shelter. The inflatable frame forms a diamond structured dome which is designed to take on winds of up to 160km/h. Inflation and pitching meanwhile is quickly handled by a single person whilst deflating only takes minutes so the tent can be moved around at ease. Fyre Festival 2018, anyone?

BUY $6,850

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