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Booking Your Holiday Will Soon Be Done In Virtual Reality

VR porn, meet VR holiday making.

Virtually reality has come a long way since its campier portrayals during the 80s and 90s. With the arrival of Oculus and other emerging technologies broadening its application in the modern world, virtual reality has once again flourished in everything from real estate house tours to interactive porn.

Today VR can mark yet another one off the milestone list with the arrival of Navitaire, a low-cost carrier reservation platform which allows users to to take on the role of a travel agent in the comfort of their own room. It sounds insane but doubters should see this more as a glimpse into the future of holidaying since the company behind it is travel-tech giant, Amadeus.

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What Navitaire does is essentially take away the scattered paperwork and logistical nightmare of holiday planning. Think stuff like picking your flight seats, paying for upgrades and even hiring a car upon your arrival. It’s all done with the swipe of a few hand gestures on a platform linked to your credit card so the entire transaction is conducted and witnessed by you.

Of course some hardware is required to use Navitaire. The standard headset comes paired with electronic ‘smart gloves’ so that you can play Tom Cruise in Minority Report with ease. It might not be consumer-ready just yet with bugs to be ironed out and security to be tested but it does make for an intriguing insight into the future.



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