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Instagram Chef Recreates Your Favourite Sneakers In Sushi

Who said you shouldn’t play with your food?

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Now on the menu: shoe-shi. Milan-based chef and food artist Yujia Hu found an ultra creative way to combine his passions for streetwear, sneakers, and raw fish – and won Instagram in the process.

By day, the young chef slings standard sushi at a Japanese restaurant in Milan. By night, he crafts oddly appetising pieces that are playful, edible expressions of pop culture. Hu recreates iconic sneakers and streetwear logos using traditional sushi ingredients, and we mean it literally when we say that they’re good enough to eat.

Little is known about the chef except his preferred mediums: sashimi, seaweed, and rice. Hu’s meticulously arranged and detailed designs range from iconic basketball sneakers to trendy Supreme slip-ons. He also occasionally dabbles in other streetwear items, like BAPE’s instantly recognisable shark hoodie, and composes sushi portraits of famous artists and athletes, like Steph Curry and Ai Wei Wei.

Who said you shouldn’t play with your food? If you’re a hypebeast with an appetite, you can find Hu on Instagram under the name @theonigiriart.


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